Your Kids Will LOVE School If You Do This

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Every parent in history has almost torn their hair out at some point over a child that really didn’t want to go to school. Some kids drag their feet and get dressed really slowly, others refuse to get out of bed and scream and cry. Whichever category a child comes under, it’s important you take the right steps to help them learn to love school. It can be difficult for them to adjust, especially if they’ve been spending quality time at home with you every day, but it’s something have to get used to whether they like it or not. Do the following if you want to help your kids to love school.

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Be Their Role Model

It’s important that you are your kid’s role model when they’re getting used to school. It can be difficult to smile when you’re having to get up super early to get them ready, but they will take many of their cues from you. If you can try to be as positive as possible when you get them up in the morning, and then send them off with a smile, they’ll likely have a much better time going. Also, make sure you speak respectfully of their teachers, no matter what you think of them. This teaches them that they must respect them too.

Get Them Involved In After School Activities

Get your kids involved in after school activities. This allows them to make friends and have fun outside of school hours within the school setting. The best school for your kids is one that’s close by, has good reports, and an abundance of things for your kids to do outside of school hours.

Don’t Overschedule Your Kids

Although after school activities are great, don’t overschedule your kids. Make sure they have downtime too. They can get stressed and overworked just like you!

Show An Interest

Ask questions about what your kids did at school, what they’re enjoying, and anything else you’d like to know. Make sure these questions are open ended so that they can’t just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. They should feel more confident coming to you with questions or problems this way.

Set Up A Great Homework Routine

Encourage homework before play, but remember that organised breaks will help your kids retain more information and get more done. Make sure they have a space they enjoy doing their homework, whether it’s their bedroom floor or the kitchen table. Ideally there will be minimal distractions, and you can be close by if they need you.


Set Up A Rewards System

A rewards system is a great way to encourage your kids. However, make sure you’re tracking and rewarding progress, not just grades. Rewarding kids for trying is important, and when they feel compelled to try the grades will come as a result. Don’t pressure your kids to get certain grades too much!

Be consistent with these things, talk about school and learning in a positive way, and you should soon see your children change their attitude towards school!