Why You Need to Understand Car Fuel Economy

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People think of a lot of things when they’re buying a new car. But a lot of people forget about the long term. They forget to think about things like the fuel economy of the car they’re looking at.

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Money and the environment

Simply put? You need to know this stuff because car fuel consumption creates environmental damage. And it’s not as if smart people deny climate change these days! But if you want to consider something more immediate, then think about your wallet.

The fuel economy of car determines how much it will cost to run. You want good value for money when it comes to buying a car, right? In that case, the fuel economy is something you must consider.

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What fuel economy is

Essentially, fuel economy can be worked out on a “mile to the gallon” basis. The more miles a car can do per gallon, the better its fuel economy is. Some calculations will use litres instead of gallons. So let’s say a car uses 40 litres to travel 200 miles. You’d work it out like this:

(litres used) divided by (miles travelled) = litres used per mile.

In this case, it would be 40 / 200 = 0.2 miles per litre. Which is awful, by the way.

Understanding Car Fuel Economy


There are a lot of manufacturers who have made a name for themselves in this department. Toyota is certainly one of the highlights here. One of their premium brands, the Lexus, is famous for its amazing fuel economy. Luxury cars don’t usually do as well as thirty miles to the gallon, but the average Lexus does just that. Some of them even do more. See the selection at Inchcape Lexus for more information.

The problem with some cars is that working out the fuel economy can be a little tricky. Because there are so many features to a car that affect its fuel consumption, working it out gets mind-boggling.

Working it out

Thankfully, you don’t have to do much in the way of brain-stretching mathematics. If you want to figure out the fuel economy of a given car, figuring it out manually won’t be required of you. You’ll be able to get that information upon request, or with a little research.

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The law in English-speaking territories requires manufacturers to have worked it out already. (This also applies in many places across the world, including most of Europe and in Japan.) Manufacturers need to supply fuel figures and economic calculations by law. This information needs to be made available to the person who is thinking about buying one of their cars.

The environment, as you may have heard, isn’t in the best condition at the moment. Governments are now stepping in and regulating a lot of the work of manufacturers. Thankfully, that means that making cars with the best fuel economies makes business sense. So the figures you need are usually on proud display.

You won’t need to do much deep digging to find out what you need. Of course, if you do, it usually means the fuel economy of the vehicle won’t be very good at all. In that case, it’s probably best to walk away from that particular offer!