Why Limerick Should Be on Your Travel List

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Limerick is in the Mid West of Ireland, the city lying on the edge of the River Shannon. It is the third most populated area of the country and has a history dating back to 812. Limerick City is a main tourist destination and is only 15 minutes from the nearest airport in Shannon. Made even more famous by the book, Angela’s Ashes, there are walking tours of the city and boat tours along the river.

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King John’s Castle

King John’s Castle has been a Limerick landmark since it was first built in 1210 and a popular place to travel to for tourists ever since. It has been brought into the modern era with a refurbishment that includes interactive exhibitions and costumed actors among other innovations. You can try the swords, the costumes and shoot squash balls from mini cannons. All this as well as have some of the best views of the city.

Thomond Park

Thomond Park is the legendary venue of Munster Rugby, and you can also take a tour of the stadium. This gets you into the dressing rooms of the players, into a small museum of the stadium’s history, and if any of the players happen to be about, you may just get a photo with them.

Street Art

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Not all art is displayed in galleries and in Limerick, you will often find some on the streets. You can find really good pieces in the unlikeliest of places, such as the bearded man on a gable end, the work of an Australian artist known as Smug.

Some people call it graffiti, but the skill and effort that produces such beautiful and unique pieces have to be art.

Food and Accommodation

Limerick is known for the diverse cuisines on offer. There are bars and restaurants catering for all different tastes, from all parts of the world. Aroi, on O’Connell Street, serves food from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, the chef Eddie Ong Chok Fong saying he wanted to bring a taste of Asia to Limerick. However, if it’s traditional Irish food you’re after, you’ll want to book yourself one of the family rooms in this Limerick hotel where you will not only be able to enjoy authentic Irish food in their wonderful restaurant, but you’ll get a good dose of local hospitality too. Add a Guinness and you’re good to go!

The point is, in Limerick you have choices, and there is no shortage of cafes, bars, and restaurants to try out and find which is your favourite.

Nightlife In Limerick

It is a common misconception that the Irish people party all night long. Most bars close at midnight or one in the morning at the latest. That does not always mean that is when the partying stops though. Never be surprised to be invited back to someone’s house for more drinks after the clubs are closed. The people of Limerick are like all Irish people, very friendly and welcoming. As long as you don’t ask them about leprechauns, say ‘top of the morning’ to them or try to talk in an Irish accent, they will very quickly become friends.

The nightclubs and bars in Limerick often have live music, a great atmosphere and generally very little hassle.