Where’s the Best Place to Visit on a Spare Weekend?

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If you have a spare weekend, why not spend it visiting somewhere new? Here are my favourite places to spend a spare weekend. You should give them a try as well.


If you’re looking for somewhere peaceful and tranquil to spend the weekend, there’s nowhere quite as good as Devon. It combines beautiful sandy beaches with small, peaceful villages and hamlets. It’s such an idyllic place that you’ll probably want to spend more than a short weekend there! But for you busy people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Devon offers the perfect solution to your problems. There’s only one way to live for people in Devon: and that’s slowly!


The thing that is most appealing about Cornwall is undoubtedly its coastline. It’s huge, and it stretches for miles and miles. But that doesn’t mean that you can only have a good time there during the summer. It’s also a great place to spend time in the autumn and winter as well. There are lots of paths, trails and cliffs to walk around if you want to get active. Or you could spend your weekend away relaxing in one of the great hotels that you’ll find in the county. It’s entirely up to you.


There’s a reason why Yorkshire is known as God’s Own Country. It’s one of the most stunning yet underrated parts of the United Kingdom. There are huge stretches of luscious countryside for you to explore and get lost in. But there’s a lot more to the county than that because Yorkshire is such a varied part of the world. If you want to leave the countryside for one of the days, you could head towards York or Leeds. Both cities are very modern and metropolitan, so you won’t be short of things to do.

The Lake District

The Lake District is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole United Kingdom. Some people even see it as one of the most stunning and majestic landscapes in all of Europe. The grand views, towering hills and the serenity of the lakes make it one of the most enjoyable places to spend a spare weekend. So, make sure you consider this option when you’re deciding where to go. It also looks stunning at this time of the year. Autumn is the best season in which to visit the Lakes.

The Lake District

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The great thing about spending a spare weekend in London at this time of the year is that you’ll have lots of things to do. It doesn’t matter what the weather’s like because there are things you can do outside, and there are things you can do inside. If you want to keep the children entertained for the weekend, you can take them to some of the great museums that the capital city has to offer. There’s the Natural History Museum and the Imperial War Museum. These places are both educational and fun, making them perfect for the family.