What No One Tells You before You Go to Wimbledon

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Are you thinking about visiting Wimbledon for the first time this year? Perhaps you have always wanted to go and it is something you dream about doing in the future? Either way, whenever you do get the chance to experience the world’s best tennis event, you are bound to have an amazing experience. But there are a few things that no one ever tells you, until now…


You can get tickets on the day – Wimbledon is one of the very few sporting events whereby there is a selection of tickets available for people to purchase on the day. Sounds great, right? Well, only if you are prepared to camp overnight. You are only going to be able to bag yourself a ticket if you come super prepared and pitch a tent.

You’ll probably eat the most expensive strawberries you have ever had – Yes, Wimbledon is famed for strawberries and cream, as well as tennis of course. So, you will probably feel like it is a necessity to eat strawberries while you are there, just do not expect to get much change from £5.

There are VIP packages available – If you feel like splashing the cash and having an occasion that the rich and famous are accustomed to, you can book one of the Wimbledon VIP hospitality packages. With these tickets, all of your needs will be catered to, and you can even enjoy a luxury chauffeur to take you wherever you need to go. This is the five-star way to do Wimbledon.

You have to pay to watch a TV screen – If you have ever watched Wimbledon from home, you will notice that there are loads of people that turn up to watch the tennis matches on the television outside of the court and soak up the atmosphere. This isn’t free, though. You have to buy a ground admission ticket, which is £20.

Wimbledon is a long way from anything – It doesn’t matter where in London you are staying or if you have found a hotel in Wimbledon, you are going to have a long way to travel. Whatever journey time you have given yourself, you should probably double it.

There are different dress codes for different areas – What you are permitted to wear depends on the type of ticket you have. For general ticket holders, there are no specific rules. You need to be on the smarter side of casual in certain hospitality areas. For members, there is a defined dress code, with gentlemen being required to wear a tailored jacket or lounge suit, dress shoes, trousers, a tie and a shirt.

So there you have it: an insight into what Wimbledon is really like! If you are thinking about attending this tennis event, you should definitely do so. You will have an amazing experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Whether you are an avid tennis fan or not, it’s great fun!