What Is An LED TV Anyway?

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As of late, LED TVs have become exceedingly popular in the UK and all over the world. In fact, most homes have one! But as is the case with most products, it is essential to know what is actually being bought before making a final purchase.


But, what is an LED TV? The best way to determine this is to decipher the difference between an LED TV and a traditional LCD TV. The technical difference between the two types of TVs has to do with the backlighting on an LED TV. In basic terms; the back of an LED TV screen features two layers of glass. This glass is polarized, in other words, the vibrations are restricted, and it is joined together. The liquid crystals (which are found in both types of TVs) either block the light or allow it to pass through, and this is how an individual will have a picture on their LED television screen.

What advantages do LED TVs offer?

A better viewing experience…

The first and most obvious advantage of owning an LED TV, like an LG 27UK850 Monitor, is that it provides people with an easier and better viewing experience. LED TVs have a smoother picture. They are not as susceptible to changes in light conditions, such as sunshine reflecting on to the screen. This is because the picture on the screen has a higher contrast and is a lot brighter than other TVs.

Not only does light become less of an issue with an LED TV but so does the layout of the room in which the TV is placed in. Quite often furniture in a living room has to be rearranged in order to allow better viewing when watching the TV because certain angles can make viewing uncomfortable. Nevertheless, with most LED TVs there is a viewing angle up to 175°, meaning that there are a lot more viewing angles available to the family.

A longer life span…

One of the main benefits is that they have a long life span. This assures you of value for money. In general, it is believed that an LED TV will last for approximately 16 years if it is being used for a quarter of each and every day.

A sleek and modern design…

An LED TV is considered one of the most stylish of the TVs available because of its sleek look, adding a touch of style to your home. They are TVs which are thin in design and so they add a modern edge to any room in which they are placed.

Affordable prices…

A final point worth considering is that you can find great deals on LED TVs here in the UK. Therefore, you do not need to worry about doing any major damage to your bank account!