Want To Be An Entertainer? Learn How To Build Your Fanbase

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A lot of talented individuals shun the traditional 9-to-5 for more creative jobs. Some people want to become a star in the music industry. Some have dreams of performing comedy routines in front of large audiences. A new form of entertainer has also come about, with content creators on sites like YouTube and Vine.


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It’s a unique and fulfilling career path, but also an unforgiving one. Getting paid in the entertainment industry can be tough. The only way to ensure a stable and profitable career is to build a loyal fanbase. So how can entertainers work on establishing their fanbase? Here are a few tips.

Perform Your Heart Out

When you’re in entertainment, you need to perform. The biggest stars can make much more than your average annual wage in a single night’s performance. But until you’re a superstar, you’ll have to grind hard to start getting fans.

Perform as much as you can, wherever you can. Aspiring musicians and comedians should go to every open mic night in their area. Bands should try to get booked at every venue within a 5-mile radius. The more you perform, the more people see your work, and the more fans you attract.

Some entertainers even travel to big cities like London or New York to perform to larger audiences. You might not get much for your performances at first, but as you build a following, you can start to profit from your fanbase.

Use The Right Platforms

Entertainers can also use the internet to promote their work and gain fans. There are tons of platforms out there, and finding the right one can help you generate a following.

For instance, Soundcloud is fantastic for musicians. You can post your recordings for free and promote them to listeners all over the world. The more Soundcloud plays you get, the more your stock rises. It can be used for all forms of audio- so comedians and podcasters can also benefit from this platform.

YouTube is also a useful platform for all kinds of entertainers. Whether you like to dance, sing, or make people laugh, you can do it in video form. It’s one of the most popular sites in the world and some people even develop entire careers by building a YouTube following.

Engage With Fans

Social media has given entertainers the opportunity to interact and engage with their fans. Make sure you promote your social network accounts to fans and start developing your following from there.

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are ideal for engaging with fans. You can post about your upcoming shows to keep fans informed. Some will even share it with other people who might come!


To get a step ahead in the entertainment industry, you need to talk to the right people. Build up connections who can help advance your career, as they’ll also help you reach out to new fans.

For instance, if you’re part of a band, reach out to other local bands. They might offer you an opening spot at their show, giving you a chance to gain some fans. Talking to local show promoters can also help.

Be proactive with meeting other people in your line of work. They can give you advice and help you build your career.