Upgrade Your Business Card With A Technological Twist

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Is your business card still stuck in the dark ages? While cards are still an important part of marketing you, your brand, and business, there’s always room for improvement. And if you are thinking about getting a new business card soon, why not throw a little tech into the mix?

A little upgrade here and there could help you stand out a lot more from the crowd, wow your audience, and also tell them a lot more about your company. Here are some of the ways you could use technology to update and upgrade your business card.


Image from pixabay

The USB version

First and foremost, how about a USB business card? Not only will they help you stand out from the crowd, but you can fill them with an array of extra info for your potential customers. Not only that but USB sticks are handy for the recipient – more so than a simple card. And that means it will be less likely to end up in a bin or at the back of a correspondence drawer, never to be seen again.

QR code

The QR code took a bit of a beating from business commentators a while back. But most of them failed to understand that the statistics suggest it is still in use in a big way. A simple QR code on your business card is an effective way of sending people directly to your website, YouTube channel, or, indeed, a dedicated sales page. It gives you a great opportunity to enhance your offer, trigger the memory of the recipient, and urge them to pick up the phone or get in touch.

NFC technology

NFC – or Near Field Communication – technology is used in a variety of environments, from retail and payment systems through to hospitals and industry. But its uses don’t stop there. According to industry experts NFC Direct, it’s also easy to include them in your business cards. Again, it gives you the chance to hand over much more info on you and your company than a standard size business card, which should improve your appeal to the recipient.

Your email

Don’t forget about your humble email – it’s the business card you are likely to hand out the most, after all. Every email you send has the chance of pulling in a business opportunity, and it’s incredibly easy to set up. Head into your email settings and look for the Email Signature tab or similar. Then it’s just a case of imparting all your vital info, so it is there every time you send a mail.

Simple design

Of course, some of these technological advances may mean nothing to you – or have any net benefit. But you can still use tech to create your perfect business card – by going online. Gone are the days when you have to hire a designer and print off several hundred cards at your local printer for an extortionate price. These days, it’s easy to find a compelling and engaging business card template, upload it to a card printing service, and have it delivered to your door the next day.