Unusual Hobbies For Kids

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From as little as a year old you can let your little ones explore a whole host of hobbies until they find something that they love. You know as a parent that the most important thing is that they enjoy what they are doing. But, when a child is good at something, and they love it, that is when the magic happens. A great hobby can take a timid child out of their shell, give them a great group of friends and skills that last a lifetime. So let’s take a look at some of the more unusual hobbies for kids.

Photo from Pexels

Gardening is a great one for nature lovers. Most kids love playing in the garden but learning about growing vegetables, different tree types, pollination, bird watching and growing different fruits can all be managed in your garden or at garden centres and botanical gardens all over the UK. There are also a whole host of online resources for nature-loving kids to give them plenty to do.

Kickboxing. Kickboxing has seen a rise in the last few years, as it is a fantastic way to build confidence, learn to defend yourself and a healthy competitive nature. Of course, you will have to ensure your child’s safety and make sure you get the appropriate gear. You’ll need a good quality head guard, gloves, gumshields like SafeJawz, foot guards and possibly groin and body guards as they progress. While it isn’t a costly hobby, it is heavy in discipline and high in fun too.

Fostering a history hobby. Some children show an early interest in history, and you can help cultivate that by thinking about some things they might like to collect – like fossils, old stamps, models of yesteryear cars, or maybe even vintage books. If there are particular eras that they fall in love with you can both make a list of museums, and check out upcoming festivals or historical events. There might even be villages dedicated to that period.

Stamp Collecting. Although this hobby is often associated with an older generation, stamp collecting is excellent fun. A philatelist might use specialist books to keep the stamps safe, and some stamps are worth more than a pretty penny. You used to be able to find stamp collecting shops on the high street. However, they are little harder to come by. Meaning online will be your go-to spot. You can track down some collector clubs and meetups as well as specialist stores, so if you aren’t lucky enough to live next to one, travelling to far out places to get a stamp for the collection might make it even more special.

And you never know, you might find that million pound stamp and be quids in.

A slightly more unusual hobby is collecting bones and teeth from animals. This runs along the same vein as collecting fossils, or perhaps shark teeth from local sea life centres. It might be the start of a veterinary career, or maybe a healthy interest in biology or anatomy.

Whatever they choose, support them in their interests and watch them thrive.