Top Tips That Will Get You Motocross Racing In No Time


There are plenty of sports for you to try, but Motocross isn’t one of the most popular. People tend to go with the likes of football or cricket because they are common. But, that shouldn’t stop you from trying out MX if that is what you want. MX is just as good a sport as any. In fact, it is better than most if you are a fan or a follower of the sport. One problem you will face is trying to get into Motocross because it isn’t as ubiquitous as other sports. Plus, it is a lot more specialist, which makes it a little more exclusive. Still, these aren’t issues that should prevent you from participating in the sport you love. At the most, they are obstacles that you need to hurdle. Here’s how you can hurdle them as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Buy A Bike

Unlike football, you can go to the local park and have a kick about with very little equipment. If you are going to take MX seriously, you need to invest in all of the gear. The most important is obviously a bike. Without a bike, you can’t take the first steps towards competitive tournaments and races. For your first bike, you will want to buy something that isn’t overly expensive. At the minute, you aren’t sure if you will like MX, sure, you love watching the sport, but that doesn’t mean you will like participating. A cheap, second-hand bike will let you get a feel for the sport. Then, you can decide whether you will continue or not. All the while, you won’t waste a tonne of money on a bike you will never use again.

And Safety Equipment

You will be aware that Motocross isn’t the safest sport in the world. As is the case when you are riding a bike, there are hazards. For the most part, competitors can compete without suffering a serious injury. However, that is only because they take the right precautions. You are not a daredevil because you don’t wear a helmet – you are stupid. You are potentially putting your life in danger when you race, and you need to limit the risk. That is why it is important to buy every safety feature possible. A helmet is a must, but so are gloves and body padding. There is no excuse not to buy them because sites like have a great selection. Even if there isn’t a supplier nearby, they will deliver it to your door. Remember that you are never too cool for health and safety.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the beginning, you might not be very good. There is no shame in that when it is your first time on a bike. Motocross takes a lot of getting used to, which is why you need to practice. The only way you will get good enough to compete is to raise your standards. Your skill set won’t just appear out of nowhere one morning because that isn’t how the sport works. The sport demands that you put in the time and effort if you want to get the rewards. That means going out on your bike and getting used to the demands of the track. To start with, just focus on your riding technique. When you get better on the bike, you can move onto the jumps and think about riding faster. Take it slow at first, and work your way to the top with graft and determination.



Find Local Meets

At some point, you will have to take the plunge. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to travel the length of the country for your first time. Instead, you should try out a local meet. Sure, it might not be at the level that you want in the future, yet it will suffice for the moment. A local meeting is a good way to gauge your ability and get better. Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t account for competitive races. Racing against other people is a different animal, and it requires a different level of practice altogether. Thankfully, there are local races all around the country on any given weekend. You might have to travel further than a few miles, but you won’t have to go too far.

Get Fit

There is a myth that MX isn’t as physically demanding because your bike has a motor. It is important to note that MX is one of the most demanding sports on the planet. Not only do you need to be fit, but you also need to be strong. You are racing a 300lb bike around a track and flying it through the air, so it isn’t going to be a doddle. The logic is simple: the fitter you are, the more chance you have of succeeding. Sure, the bike will do some of the work for you thanks to the motor. Still, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a toll on your body. You need strong arms and legs to get a bike into the air and land it safely. Plus, you need a good level of core strength to get it around the corners. Unlike some sports, you don’t need to be run yourself into the ground. However, you do need to be fit enough to get the bike around the track in one piece. This guide from will help.



Have Courage

The idea of spinning through the air at high speeds sounds amazing. There aren’t many people that wouldn’t smile at the thought. But, it doesn’t always work out that way because you have to be courageous. When you first race around a track, you will find that you need to leave your inhibitions in the stands. Anyone that is apprehensive will ruin their chances of finishing high up the standings. The reason is that you need to embrace the danger rather than be fearful of it as it will make you quicker. It isn’t easy to put your body in harm’s way, but it is necessary for MX. Just accept the fact that you will have an incident, but trust that your equipment will take the brunt of the damage.

Maintain your Bike

Your bike is your life as far as MX goes because you can’t participate without one. Still, it is unbelievable how many riders don’t look after their bikes. It is a big mistake to make when you want to get into the sport for a number of reasons. Firstly, your bike is one of the reasons you can compete and win races. Of course, your skill is a factor, yet the bike will also do a lot of the work. When you mix a good rider with a top bike, you get the best results. Also, there is a safety issue. MX is dangerous enough without adding more hazards. A dodgy bike could malfunction at any time during the race and leave you very vulnerable. What happens if it cuts out in mid-air? You might think that scenario is unlucky, but it is mainly down to the state of the bike.

Try It Out

All of the tips above mean nothing if you don’t give it a go and see what happens. You might hate the sport and want to do something different. That is fine because it isn’t for everyone. But, you won’t know until you have gone around the track. On the flip side, you might love it and have a hobby that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Motocross is a great sport and one you should try if you are interested.