Top Inspiration For Your Child’s 18th Birthday

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Your little babies might not be so little now. In fact, they may not even be babies anymore. When our children turn eighteen, it can be an emotional time. The realisation that your kids are now young adults will slowly start to sink in. They’ll be moving out soon and you’ll be left with an empty nest! Even though this may be a daunting time for you, you’ll no doubt want to help them celebrate with a bang. Not sure how to make their big day special? Here are some fab ideas.

Top Inspiration For Your Childs 18th Birthday

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Organise a Big Night Out!

An eighteenth birthday means one thing: your son or daughter is now old enough to drink alcohol! They are probably very excited about their first big night out on the town. So, why not glam it up for them? Think about inviting some relatives and family friends around to your home for drinks and nibbles. Later on, send your child and all their friends into town with VIP Chauffeur Car Hire. Give them some drinks money, or set up a tab for them in a bar. This will help their night get off to a fabulous start!

Book a City Break

Does your child have big ideas of working or studying abroad sometime? Why not give them a taster for their eighteenth and send them and some friends to a European city for a weekend! They will love the independence and will no doubt experience another country’s culture and history. This may sound like an expensive option, but thanks to cheap accommodation on Airbnb, you can plan this on a budget.

A Flat Deposit

If your son or daughter is itching to move out, give them some money to put towards a deposit for their first flat. Alternatively, if they have already flown the nest, you could pay for them to have a room decorated. Giving money is a great way to let them choose their very own gift. Another option is to give them money towards any upcoming university tuition fees.

A Pampering Weekend

This option is perfect for a daughter. Send her and a few mates off for a weekend at a country spa. They will love all the pampering and relaxation! If you can’t afford a whole weekend for them, you can always just keep it to one day. She’ll be so chilled out on her return; you might not be able to recognise her!

Buy Them an Experience

It’s now possible to purchase experience days. These can be anything, from a day at your local football club or flying lessons to a few hours paragliding or taking part in a skydive. Do you know what is on your son or daughter’s bucket list? See what experiences are available in your local area and you could help them tick off their dream activity!

Our eighteenths are one of the most special birthdays we have! Hopefully, this list will have given you some ideas to help make your child’s day a very memorable one!