Tired of Dressing ‘Dad Dull’? Here’s How To Fix It

Fashion Fatherhood

It’s easy to develop bad style habits when you are a dad. There’s a good reason why your father and grandfather probably stopped being interested in new fashions and seemed to get stuck in a kind of style time warp, wearing the same old gear. It’s because practicality can often count more than anything else when you are a father, and, let’s face it when you have a home full of demanding kids, who has the time to dress well?

The good news is there are a few easy fixes for any dad who can’t be overly bothered with investing in an entirely new wardrobe. And we’re going to take a closer look at them right now.


The Basics

First of all, this is not about reclaiming your youth – that ship sailed when you first started to think about having a family. So, forget about fitting yourself into those hipster jeans you used to wear, or investing a few hundred pounds on limited edition Nike Airs – we’re going to look at how to turn your current clothing into something a little more stylish and appropriate.

The Pocket Square

Let’s start with something real easy – a pocket square for your suit. Whether you want to make a statement or just add some pizazz to your work suit, the simple pocket square can make all the difference. Keep it the same material and colour as your tie for formal occasions, but other than that you are free to wear any hue you are comfortable with.


The plainest suit going can get a serious lift from a simple patterned shirt. Many men avoid wearing patterns and go for solids instead, but it’s an excellent way to inject some personality into your casual wear. Patterns are also great for those people that don’t get on too well with bright and colorful tones. Not brave enough for patterns? Well, a friend of mine’s wife bought some Waxx underwear for him, and it’s certainly put a spring in his step. It’s not always about what you can see on the outside!



Socks are probably the most underrated methods of getting attention. A flash of colour on the ankle is all it takes to brighten up a dull suit – and you can even wear them unmatched these days if it appeals to you. One thing I would say is that you should always avoid comedy socks or those ones with your favourite superhero on them – it’s not a good look. In fact, you will be far better off wearing no socks at all – it’s a much more stylish look that doesn’t have an age limit in the slightest.

Tie bar

I’m hoping you are beginning to realise that you don’t have to do much to jazz up a dull outfit – and the tie bar is the perfect example. It’s a simple, little strip of metal or leather that holds your tie in place and lifts it up from dullness into an effortlessly stylish look.

As you can see, there are plenty of little fixes that can help you brighten up a ‘dad dull’ outfit. Why not share some of your tips in the comments section below!