Tips for Creating the Ultimate Teenager’s Room

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If you have a teenager, designing them their own space that they love spending time in is a very good idea. This should be a space they feel is all their own, and somewhere they can go when they feel like they need to relax or spend time with friends. These tips will help you to create the ultimate teenager’s room:

Give Them Lots of Input

Your teenager will more than likely prefer their bedroom if you give them lots of input. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to ask them to show you pictures of the kinds of rooms they like using things like Pinterest and decor magazines. It’s your house, but they are going to spend the most time in this room. It’s only fair!

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Teenager's Room


Save Space

Save space in their room by making the most of vertical space. This means putting up shelving to make the most of what they have available to them. You can also find clever under the bed storage options to store things that they don’t need out all of the time. Make sure you aren’t hoarding things that they don’t really need. Keeping it simple is always the best idea.

Let in Lots of Light

There’s nothing worse than a teenager who lives in a dark little cave-like bedroom. Let in lots of light for them by including sheer curtains. Ideally, you shouldn’t paint the room a very dark colour either, as this can make the room look darker. As teenagers need lots of sleep, using blackout blinds at night time is a good idea to block out all of the light.

Try to Avoid Including a TV

Although your teenager will more than likely want a TV, you should avoid including one. This can disrupt their sleep and makes the bedroom somewhere to get stimulated rather than sleep. If you have a spare room, try including a TV in there instead. As an alternative to the TV in your teens room, they could have a sound system or something similar.

Include Cool Furniture

Having cool furniture will make the room look much more modern and inviting. It’ll make their room feel like home to them! You can get beanbags, beanbag chairs, hammocks, and so much more. Just make sure they have the room for it!

Pay Attention to the Small Details

Attention to the small details will make all the difference in your teens room. Something as small as a teenager’s bedding can make their room look better or worse. You can include patterns and texture to make their bedroom more unique and give it personality.

Use these tips to create the ultimate teenager’s room and they’ll love spending time in there from now on. Try to make it so that it’ll last them at least the next few years, saving you time and money on redecorating. Make sure it’s practical for them too. If you have a daughter, you may want to include a dressing table. If you have a son, he may want a desk. Have fun!