These Technologies Will Make Your Next Laptop Awesome

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Today’s laptops are all well and good. But with competition from other form factors, like tablets, they’re having to up their game. As a result, we see a lot more competition in the portable segment, and manufacturers are looking at all sorts of ways to make their devices faster and better.

There is a window of opportunity here for laptop manufacturers. For the first time in nearly a decade, tablet shipments are on the decline, meaning that the time to strike is now. Here’s how technology is going to make your next laptop better than the one you’ve got right now.

IGZO Displays


We’ve seen all sorts of panel display technology. We’ve had TN (or twisted nematic) which had poor viewing angles. We’ve had IPS (in-plane switching) which had fantastic colour reproduction, but a slow response time. We’ve seen OLED and HDR make their way onto our phones and tablets, which promise richer blacks, faster response times and a greater colour gamut. And we’ve seen all sorts of new graphics card technologies that sync display refresh rates with graphics card output to provide a smoother experience.,

Now, though, laptops are finally set to get an upgrade that could rival other platforms. IGZO displays offer a number of benefits over traditional display technology, including power savings of between 80 and 90 percent as well as opening up the possibility of new form factors for laptops. One day in the near future, IGZO may allow laptops to have displays that are invisible until they are in use.

Wireless Charging

Traditional chargers are annoying. They’re bulky and carrying them around, juggling with the cables is tricky, even for people with highly developed motor skills. In the future, though, charging your laptop could be as easy as putting it on a specialised pad.

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People in the industry have cottoned on to the fact that charging is a big issue for customers. Now they’re working towards making charging platforms that are standard across the industry so that consumers can use chargers interchangeably. In fact, wireless chargers will be so interchangeable, says Dr Kamil Gradsky of the Alliance for Wireless Power, that you’ll be able to use them with any compatible device, including smartphones and tablets.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has so far been the preserve of the desktop PC. But in the future, more and more people will be taking out laptop finance to run VR content on their mobile devices instead.


VR promises to offer a truly immersive experience, one that produces a genuine sense of presence, especially when gaming. The computational restrictions of VR mean that only computers with powerful graphics cards can run them today. But it’s only a matter of time before AMD and Nvidia miniaturise their current mobile graphics card lineup so that they can be used effectively in laptops too.

The other technology that has people talking is the Hololens. Used in conjunction with laptops, this new device will allow users to layer virtual objects on top of the real world. For dads who rely on their computers for money, this promises to offer them a whole new way to work.