The Small Duties Of Being A Good Father

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It’s important to know how to raise a child well. Wait, is that possible? Is there a guide on the internet that could tell you how to raise a child, a living and new human being, to an adequate degree of complexity? Of course not. The job is too long and requires too much complex task management to be reduced to an article you read online. Entire books have been written about the subject and still fail to capture the full essence and weight behind being a father. It’s something you can only experience and develop solutions for yourself. The most important part is being willing to try.

However, there are a few things you can get right. A few duties that over the course of your child’s life will add up to a positive long-term scenario. They are as follows:

Be Supportive

A child must always believe they can do something. Even if they have disabilities that obviously prevent them from achieving in physical matters, they can still be of value and deserve to believe in themselves. Your job is to ensure that they feel they can take the world on. Inspiration and encouragement develop self-confidence. You should try and set an example, even if that simply means being the best and most present Dad you can be. Also, telling your child they are valuable and then not being around is something quite tragic to behold. Actions speak louder than words. If you’re present and willing to relax with them, your child will know without a shadow of a doubt that you love them and they deserve to be appreciated. This is the best way to be supportive by far.

Drive Safe

Your skills as a driver are tested when you drive a child around. It’s likely you’ll become hyper-aware of your driving competence in these instances. Ensuring you drive a safe car and have it well insured through Money Expert is the first step. The second is to make absolutely certain that you respect the rules of the road. Never speed. Never get angry. Never contribute to an unpleasant or dangerous atmosphere within the car, no matter if your child is screaming and you’ve just been cut off in traffic. Driving safe allows you to become more adept at handling road situations, and sets a very positive example for your child as they grow. Driving safe is an underrated and very important task to get right as a parent, so be sure to make this an absolutely non-negotiable virtue you keep.


A great father knows how to strengthen their children. This is sometimes a difficult thing to do, because it doesn’t mean allowing your child to feel completely justified in everything they do. A good Dad manages to discipline their child effectively, and teach them the value of personal responsibility. If there’s a bully at school, a good father doesn’t step in to protect past speaking to the teacher and encouraging your child does the same. Depending on the case, this might be required. However, without a doubt you should improve the confidence of your child to make them feel they can overcome this bully. Instead of learning to avoid challenges and hardship, a great Dad allows a child to learn methods to overcome that. This leads to healthier adults with more confidence, and allows a child a sense of personal sovereignty and the ability to defend themselves. If you strengthen your child, you have done something quite wonderful.

These tasks are not easy. They take a lifetime to complete, and require plenty of learning. However, if you manage to lay forth your best effort, you can be sure that your child will turn out as healthy and inspired as they can possibly be. Not bad, Dad.