The Results Are Back And… You’re A Petrolhead

Day's Out Motoring

Does the smell of exhaust fumes wake you up in the morning? Can’t you go the dream without fantasising about a curvy chassis? Does the colour red get your engine revving?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve got a problem! Joking aside, everyone has their vices and yours happen to be motor vehicles. It’s no worse than living or dying based on the latest football results.

Like all addictions, it’s necessary to keep it in check. The only way to do that is to accept the vice exists in the first place. To help, here are the signs that are inarguable.

You’ve Been To Multiple Car Shows

One you may be able to get away with but multiple times is a sign that you’ve been struck down by petrol headedness. It’s not only that you can say things which sound out of place in the real world. Anyone who has commented on the rear end of a car and gotten a dirty look will understand. It’s also the fact that these are the places where the latest news is released first. Being there means you’ll be the most up to date person. A car show, then, is the equivalent of a data hit for addicts.

You Test Drive With No Intention Of Buying

Thanks to race day experiences, it’s easy to test drive a supercar. And, being behind the wheel in this situation doesn’t make you a petrolhead as it’s a one-off. Anyway, Ferraris and Porsches have a certain appeal that is hard for non-car-lovers to resist. People who are obsessed are the ones who go out to the local dealership and take a vehicle for a joy ride (legally). You have no intention of buying or renting it but have to give it a test drive because you’ve been thinking about it for days.

You Want To Sell Up

This isn’t bad. Lots of motorists want to sell their current model and replace it with a newer version. True, but you’re not going to invest in the latest hatchback to the future. Nope, you’re going to splash out and buy a Lambo. Regardless of the price a company like Saxton 4×4 gives you, there is no changing your mind. And, it might not be the latest model. In fact, it might be old and you might call it vintage when you describe it to people. Hello, 999? We’ve got an emergency!

You Own More Than One

No, not cars. The average family has two vehicles so your collection isn’t a foregone conclusion. What non-petrolheads don’t have, however, is a garage full of motorbikes. Next to them are the scooters, and further down the line are the quads which are by the drivable lawn mowers. Basically, anything that has an engine is fair game because you love the sounds of an engine revving. When you start to mix genres, then there is no denying you are in the grips of an addiction.

So, what’s the diagnosis? Are you a petrolhead?