The Long Haul Read Up

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So, you have to make some kind of long journey in your car. Perhaps you’re going on holiday, or maybe going camping. You could be taking the kids to a relative who lives far away. Whatever you’re doing, you need to make sure the car you are driving is in good condition. Long haul driving takes a different type of car readiness. If something bad happens on the motorway when you are going upwards of 70MPH then the resulting accident is going to be far worse than if you have crashed at a lower speed. As such, there are things you need to look out for. Here are some that can help you think about things in the right kind of way.

Check The Tyres

Going long haul means your tyres are likely to wear down slightly. It depends how long you are on the road for, but normally during a long haul drive the likelihood of them wearing down is quite high. If your tyres are fairly new then this is fine. But if you think they are close to the legal limit you might want to get new ones attached, Wiltshire Tyres can do this at your home. If you aren’t sure about the legal limit then measure the dread depth. It all depends on how long you are driving for, but the smaller the tread depth the less grip you have. It can make a positive impact on your journey, and neglecting them could leave you skidding over the road.


Research The Route

With the advent of satellite navigation it is becoming less needed to check the intended route, but you should look it up just so you know in your head where you are going. There are all kinds of crazy stories revolving around people blindly following their satellite navigation system to wherever it suggests. Do some research and double check then you can be sure and have peace of mind. You can also find something your satnav didn’t know, such as sudden road closures and the like.

Check The Weather

If it doesn’t matter what time you make the journey then check up on the weather. It can stop you having to drive through driving rain or snow. They slow you down immensely and mean you journey is longer and more miserable. If you are going somewhere where the weather is extreme then you most certainly want to check it out. Snow and ice can sometimes make certain roads unusable, especially those on steep hills so check it out if you are going to mountainous regions.

Be Alert

You get tired during long haul driving. It is a fact we all know well. So try to stop it by taking regular break at motorway service stations. They can help you energise and go back into the car feeling awake. Take some coffee with you as it can keep you alert, if you don’t like coffee consider a caffeine tablet, it does just the same thing.If you are going on a really long drive consider driving with someone else so you can take turns.