The Best Tech Toys That Don’t Leave Your Kids Sitting on the Sofa

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Many parents assume that too much tech is a bad thing for their kids. And if that tech allows them to simply sit on the sofa staring at a screen, then they’re probably right. But there is no reason why that has to be the case. These days, technology can offer them the chance to do all kinds of things. Some tech gadgets give kids incentives to go outdoor or get active. And other items allow them to learn something new or develop a particular skill. So, don’t assume that all forms of technology are no good for your children because that’s not the case.

You just need to explore all the options and see what there is out there. You might be surprised by what you find when you delve a little deeper and explore all of the many options. If you’re looking for a way in which your kids can make use of tech toys in a positive way, I have some examples to share. The tech toys below all offer something unique and positive for your children, so try some of them out.

Bike Cameras

Cycling is certainly a great form of exercise for your kids. What parent wouldn’t want their child to spend more time outside cycling in the natural environment? It’s something that can be hard to persuade your children to do though. But now you can make it easier by getting bike cameras for them. These are rear view cameras that can be fitted to the bike and hooked up to a screen that attaches to the handlebars. It’s a simple way of making cycling more fun and interesting for your children. These cameras can be bought relatively cheaply these days, so it might be something that’s worth doing. They’re also very easy to get set up.


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Bottle Rocket Launcher

If you’re looking for a toy that is fun and encourages your children to get outside, then buy a bottle rocket launcher. These items are very simple but also very fun to use and mess around with. You just fill a 2-litre bottle halfway with water. This is then placed carefully on the launcher which uses air pressure to launch it high into the sky. It’s great for young kids because the water goes everywhere and the bottle can reach up to 100 feet in the air. You can easily buy small launchers, and they’re easy to start using. It’s a form of good old-fashioned fun that gets your kid outside and away from screens for the afternoon.

Bo & Yana

For kids around the age of six, the Bo & Yana toy is great. It helps them to develop some basic problem-solving skills and do something interactive. The robot comes in two parts and can be used in various different ways. They can play hide and seek and all sorts of other things too. It’s not something that will be as much fun for older children. But when your children are five or six, giving them interactive toys that help them to develop skills is very important. It can give their overall development a boost, which can only be a good thing for them in the long-term.

Remote Control Helicopter

There is no doubt about it; it’s impossible not to have fun when flying a remote control helicopter. These come in many different sizes. You can buy a large one for your children, or very small ones that are good for younger children. Either way, being in control of a flying object is sure to keep them busy for a long time. If you have two children, or even more, you can create races and challenges that make flying the helicopters even more fun. You can browse the different RC Helicopters at The Flyzone. Compare all the options and see if you can test them out before you actually make your purchase. You want to be sure that you make the right decisions.


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Meccano Meccanoid

This is by far the most expensive tech toy on this list. But it’s also one of the most impressive of the lot. The Meccano Meccanoid is a robot that your children can build for themselves. It’s a good way of getting them to take part in a complex creative activity. Any children that like make things and taking on challenges will love doing this. When the Meccanoid has been assembled, it will stand at four feet tall, and your child will be able to control it. It moves around and does lots of different things. As long as you’re willing and able to cough up the cash for this, it can make a truly incredible gift for your children.


Primo is a game that offers your child the chance to learn the fundamentals of programming. They can do this when they’re very young and get the hang of it. Some children learn to do this before they have even learnt to read. There is a small robot that’s called Cubetto, and basic instructions can be input to make it do different things. He child has to program it and learn how it responds to different instructions. These days, as computers become ever more important, teaching your child the basics of programming is a very good thing indeed. It’s a great head start and a fun way to spend their time.

Vizor VR Glasses

Virtual reality is sure to be the next big thing, but you can jump on the bandwagon right now. There are VR glasses that have been made specifically for young people. Vizor is the company that is doing the best work in this field. The glasses can be used to watch videos and play games. It offers them a way of playing games that allows them to move around a bit more and experience something different. It’s certainly better than having them sit on the sofa and passively play games that way. Give it a try and see how much fun they get out of it.


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