The Best Tech Bargains of 2016 So Far

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Hands up who loves to shop? There’s nothing better than some serious retail therapy. If you like hitting the high street with cash in your pocket and time to spare, it can be a real treat. Or perhaps you prefer to avoid the crowds and the queues? Well, there’s a high probability that you probably prefer to do all your deals online! Of course, whatever way you look at it you’re still splashing the cash or flexing the plastic!

The Best Tech Bargains of 2016 So Far

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If you’re a savvy shopper, you’ll know when all the best sales are on. There’s nothing better than a bargain, is there! We all like to save some cash and is even more crucial; these days. Money can be tight, but with a bit of searching around and even some haggling, you can get stuff cheaper. You might only end up forking out a fraction of the cost you expected to pay.

So what are the best things to look out for in the Sales this year?


Now, the beginning of the year traditionally isn’t the best time to buy a smartphone. But don’t forget, we’re already more than a week into March! If you’re looking for a new handset, then you might want to wait for the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Once this baby hits the shelves, other handsets, notably its predecessors retail price will plummet. That’s because everyone will upgrade to the newest model, but unless you’re a tech specialist, there’s really no need. Half of us don’t use even a fraction of what our phones are capable off, and often owning the latest model is merely a status symbol. For more on the best time to buy a phone, head over to


You might expect to associate purchasing things like televisions with sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but there are amazing offers to be found on new sets at other times of the year too. People are getting bigger and bolder with their viewing habits every year. We’ve all got one friend who’s living room is practically a cinema with a giant screen! There are all sorts of options now!  Smart TV’s, Chromecasts, streaming and cable, that you need to know what’s what. Modern technology advances at a rapid pace and it’s easy to lose touch.  If this sounds like you, go to


The New Year’s sales are typically a good time to go buy a new computer. Stores like to use this period straight after Christmas to clear their store of stock ready for new lines. Seeing as you’ve missed that, you might be best to hold onto the “Back to School” sales in the summer. There are brilliant savings to be made if you have a little patience. You’ll often get not just bargain prices but free software bundles too. Shops often add them to packages to make them more appealing to cash-strapped students. Keep an eye on different websites to monitor prices. A good starting point is