Tackling the Terrible Two’s

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Well, I think it is safe to say that Archie most definitely has a touch of the ‘Terrible Two’s’. This actually started just before his 2nd Birthday! His little brother Freddie arrived in April and so there is also a little bit of jealousy going on as well and he is having to learn that Mummy and Daddy also need to give their attention to others. This has not gone down too well!

We are very lucky in that Archie is actually very good and well behaved most of the time. He’s a lovely little boy, well mannered and polite my my god we do have the occasional melt-down and when he does throw a tantrum it is pretty damn impressive.

So, my question to you fellow Mum’s and Dad’s today is ‘How do you tackle the terrible two’s?

We try as best as we can to stay calm and to not shout. We talk to Archie very calmly and instead of saying ‘No’, ‘Stop that!’ or ‘Don’t do that’ we try to put a positive spin on it and to almost distract him out of his tantrum. It doesn’t always work and sometimes he gets himself so worked up and upset that there is just no getting him out of it until he eventually calms down himself.

When he is very naughty then we give him a ‘time out’. This involves taking him up to his room and putting him in his cot bed for a while. If it’s around nap time then sure enough he eventually settles himself and has a little sleep but other times he will just sit there crying, screaming and hitting the sides of the cot.

It is very difficult to know what to do sometimes so we’d be interested to hear how you cope during these times and what tactics you may have.

Tackling the Terrible Two's