Style And Function: Creating A Family-Friendly Home

Baby & Toddler Home & Garden

One of the surprising things about having kids is that they come with a lot of stuff. Not only is there the usual clothing and accessories all infants require, but friends and family are always happy to furnish them with gifts. How do you create a family-friendly home that encourages play and creativity, without compromising on style?

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Smart Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are your friend. There’s no point spending time and money on the design of your living room when it’s cluttered with pieces of Lego, games, and other toys. Play is important to children, and they love being creative and messy. Encourage this as much as possible but towards the end of the day show them how to tidy up their toys. Provide smart baskets, cartons, and toy boxes that will house their bits and bobs and provide a neat outward appearance.


Family pets are great for kids. As well as teaching them about responsibility, trust, and empathy, etc. they are a never ending source of fun and affection. However, they can be messy, especially in the early days until they’ve been properly house trained. And like children, they also come with their own accessories. Fortunately, designers have come up with a range of pet furniture to fit in with your decor. So you can purchase a luxury dog lounger that will match your aesthetic and colour scheme. Your pet will feel truly pampered, and you don’t have to compromise on design.

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Design each room of your home around its intended function. Work out what activities will be undertaken in each room, then furnish them accordingly. Comfortable sofas, chairs, and bean bags can be provided for movie night. If certain areas are intended for crafts, homework, or computer activities, ensure there is enough natural light.This can be complemented with dedicated lamps. If you use the kitchen table for meals and homework, etc., ensure there is bright overhead light.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Another handy solution when you have kids is multifunctional furniture. This also works well where space is limited. Tables with built-in drawers can store toys, cutlery, and tableware. Ottomans will hide a multitude of clutter while providing extra seating or a footrest.

Designated Play Areas

If you have enough space in your home, designate certain areas for play. This will restrict toys and games to one area, and will make it easier to keep the rest of the house clutter free. Find smart storage solutions for bedrooms to help kids keep them neat and tidy. Help them get into the habit of tidying everything away at the end of each day.

The Garden

Having outdoor space is also important to kids. This is somewhere they can run around and play unencumbered. It also encourages physical activity. Again, try to designate an area or zone just for play. Remove any hazardous machinery or anything that could cause harm. Add a swing, slide or other outdoor toys.

It’s possible to create a creative and fun environment for your kids without compromising on style. All that’s required is a simple routine, a bit of careful planning and some smart storage solutions.