Stuck For Birthday Ideas? Six Top Presents For Teenagers

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Famously, it can be very hard to please those teenagers. Either they have no idea what they want, or what they want is way out of your price range! Not to worry – there are plenty of gifts out there that any teenager is sure to fall in love with. We might even be tempted to try some of them out for ourselves. If you’re stuck for ideas, have a look at these six exciting pressies for inspiration.

Stuck For Birthday Ideas Six Top Presents For Teenagers


Smartphone Projector

Sure to be a favourite among teens, the smartphone projector does exactly what it says on the tin. A portable projector suited for any smartphone on the market. Anytime you want to view the big screen, you can. Perfect for an impromptu film screening in your bedroom! The only problem with this one will be everyone vying for wall space.


The future is here. The Xenowheel is about the closest thing your kids will get to a hoverboard. With a top speed of 12km/h, this provides a great deal of fun within safe parameters. And chances are, it’s cheaper than you think. These are so much fun just to look at that you’ll end up wishing you had bought it for yourself. Nevermind – the kids have to fall asleep some time…



Mini Popcorn Maker

A great little gift with a retro feel, the mini popcorn maker is sure to bring a smile to any teenager’s face. Cute, easy to use and affordable, don’t be surprised if you are asked for one of these this year. A great plus to this is the health benefit. This provides an oil-free method for making popcorn, so you don’t have to worry about anyone piling on the pounds. A must for the movies-at-home crowd.

Water Garden

For a simple gift with a zen feel, consider a water garden this year. Cleverly designed and with a sleek finish, this feature is its own mini ecosystem. A gorgeous centrepiece for a calm teen’s bedroom, and at a price that will really serve to chill you out. Ideal for the kid who already has too many bonsai trees.



Fire Tablet

It is extremely unlikely that any teenager would be upset at receiving one of these. Amazon’s Fire tablet is one of the more affordable options out there for your tech-savvy teens. With Wi-Fi and 8GB of memory, you can’t say much fairer for size. A great bit of kit for encouraging the reader in your family.

Virtual Reality Viewer

Yes, you heard it right. This is a fully functional virtual reality viewer – at under fifteen quid. Made from cardboard, and operative using the Google Cardboard App, this is a little slice of the future at a reasonable cost. At the least, save this one for next Christmas – a stocking filler which looks too good to be true. Can’t be bad.

So if you’re stuck for present ideas for your teens this year, remember that there are plenty of options out there. It’s comforting to know that you won’t need to spend too much, either. This year, everybody wins.