Stay Safe On Your Motorbike: 5 Tips


Heading out on your motorbike on a lovely summer’s day can be a great way to enjoy a day off. You could head to places you’ve never explored before and have a great adventure! But there is one major downside to riding your bike – they don’t have a good safety reputation. However, that shouldn’t put you off from riding a motorbike. Here are five top tips to help keep you safe when you’re out and about.

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Wear The Right Gear

You can’t go out on your bike in just jeans and a t-shirt. The best way to protect yourself in case you have an accident is to wear all the right clothing. It is absolutely necessary to wear a helmet. Even the slightest of falls could severely damage you if you fall onto your head. The only you can protect yourself is by wearing a helmet. You should also wear leathers and proper motorbike clothing, which you can find at Rukka Clothing.

Get To Know Your Bike

It is important that you know the feel of your bike and what it is like to ride it. Make sure you are extremely familiar with it before you head out onto the road. It is also a good idea to know all the safety features and to be able to tell when they need replacing. Things like tyre tread, brakes, and all your lights. If any of these is faulty, get it replaced. Don’t risk it and drive without a light, for example.

Drive Cautiously

Sure, you could whizz around at over a hundred miles an hour, but why risk it? This could cause a crash and lead to you or another road user being critically injured. No matter where you are going, drive within the speed limits. And you also need to pay close attention to traffic lights and road signs. These are there to keep you and other drivers and motorcyclists safe at all times.

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Be Visible

You know exactly where you are, but do all the car drivers around you? Even though there are relatively few motorcyclists out on the road, they make up a large number of road traffic accident victims. And many car drivers claim it is because they didn’t notice the motorbike. So be as visible as you can be. Wear bright clothing and drive in a manner that makes you easier to see for drivers.

Ditch The Drink

Had a heavy night last night? Then it might not be a good idea to get on your bike today. A lot of road traffic accidents are down to drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. So if you think there is a chance you still have a bit of alcohol in your system, take the bus instead. It may not be cool, but it is certainly the safer option!

Hopefully, this blog post hasn’t put you off your motorcycle for good! Use these tips, and you will be riding very safely, and will have nothing to worry about!