Stay In Touch With Loved Ones When Travelling

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If you’re lucky enough to be on a gap year right now, then chances are you’re having an awesome time travelling the world and experiencing new things! One experience you might not be enjoying, however, is how much you are missing your loved ones. If you’ve left your family, partner or even kids behind to go and ‘find yourself’, then don’t forget them! Here’s how to easily stay in touch with the people you hold dearest when travelling.


The best thing about Skype is that it is completely free! In the past you would need to find an internet cafe, with computers and webcams, all just to phone home. However, now with new technologies such as smartphones and tablets, all it takes is a simple Wi-Fi connection. The next time you’re grabbing a smoothie from a local cafe, wherever it is that you’re travelling, pull out your smartphone. Then, ask a member of staff for the Wi-Fi password, connect, and open up Skype. Most phones and tablets enable Skype to run in the background, so hopefully, your loved ones won’t miss your call! The best thing about Skype is that you can see your loved ones reactions when you share all of your incredible experiences with them.

Stay in touch with Family when travelling

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Alternatively, you might be someone where Wi-Fi is hard to find. For example, you may be in the snowy depths of Canada, checking out some of the must-see places that America’s Hat has to offer! If phone signal is all you can pick up, and it’s been a while since you’ve contacted home, then fear not. Expensive international fees needn’t apply, here. Save your loved ones some money when they’re trying to contact you from overseas by saying to them “this is how you can cut the cost of your calls to Canada”. Certain mobile operators will provide cheaper international call fees. Alternatively, making calls over VoIP can save them loads, too! Make sure you fully brief your loved ones on how best to contact you before you leave. That way, they’ll save money and you won’t have to miss out on what they’ve been up to.

Social Networks

Finally, be sure to share all of your experiences on social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may even wish to write a blog while travelling to give a deeper insight into your journey. What’s great about this method of staying in touch with loved ones, is that they can log in at any time and see what you’ve been up to. That way, you don’t have to arrange a suitable time to call them. Time differences can also limit your capacity to speak to them. However, with social networks such as Facebook, this problem is eradicated. Upload pictures, videos and lengthy statuses to ensure that the people you care about know that you’re safe and having an awesome time!

Ultimately, if you follow these three tips, then you’ll easily manage to maintain contact with the people you value you most. This is essential when you’re away travelling. Have fun!