Something A little Different: Le Jog

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It’s not French, before you ask.  Le Jog is one of the ultimate challenges in the UK.  Where people flock from all over the world to travel from The most northern point of the UK to the most southern.  There have been some brilliant ways of taking this on, from walking to cycling.  One man even took it on naked. However to inspire you to take on this fantastic challenge we caught up with the charity Mission Motorsport

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Back in 2013 the charity, set up to support injured troops entered into the UK’s hardest historic rally event – Lands End to John O’Groats. With the kind support of the organisers, the appropriately named HERO – the Historic Endurance Rally Organisation, a three man team tackled over 1000 miles of competitive regularity driving, interspersed with closed stages over three days.

Crews normally share driving because of the distances involved, but the Mission Motorsport navigator lost both legs in an IED attack in Afghanistan in 2010. The car, a 33 year old three door classic Range Rover was therefore crewed by three so that driving responsibilities could be split between two drivers. Thanks to the support of Mazda UK, the charity also ran two rally support vehicles, also crewed by wounded serving soldiers and veterans, providing support to the event with mechanical and recovery assistance.

The Range Rover had a crew of 3 lads, Sgt Gary Dunning, LCpl Will Reeks and LCpl Ben Cheal. Gary is now a veteran having served numerous tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and having been medically discharged with severe PTSD and too many broken bones to count. Will is recovering from his second leg amputation having been blown up by a 50kg IED whilst on patrol in Helmand Province and will be navigating. Ben sustained nerve damage and a broken leg in Afghanistan earlier this year in a suicide attack and was readmitted to hospital the day after Le Jog ended, for further surgery to try to mend his leg. Ben would like to continue with his Forces’ career after recovery but at this moment in time it cannot be guaranteed, by being on placement with the Mission Motorsport team he will have gain experience within the motor industry which will stand in good stead for the future if he has to look at a change of career.

In the support crew, run by charity director James Cameron, himself a retired Army veteran, there was LCpl Dave Wilkins, Cpl James Webley and Tony Compson.

You don’t have to take it on in a vehicle though.  There are also other great UK challenges.  Such as the Three Peaks challenge which sees competitors taking on the three largest mountains in the UK.  You could also go head to head with a different kind of horse power in Man V Horse which runs in Wales every year.

Mission Motorsport completed the gruelling event and had an incredible time whilst they were at it.  So we think you guys should consider this awesome event too.  It would be a fabulous way of raising money for a charity or challenging yourself to something amazing.