Sleep Deprived? Not Any More, With These Top Tips!

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Thinking back to the days before you became a father, you will realise that so much has changed. Even in comparison to your time spent as a student, or maybe when you were in your early twenties, your life now is probably pretty different. One of the main changes you will notice is how much sleep you get. Gone are the days where you could sleep in until 10am on weekdays, roll out of bed and straight into your lecture hall. Both work and family commitments mean that most of us are surviving on less sleep than is deemed acceptable ┬áIn fact, experts have claimed that over the course of an average week, Brits lose a whole day’s worth of sleep. If this sounds like you currently, here are some tactics you might be able to use that may help to induce sleep.

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Being mindful of what you eat and drink

We all know that we shouldn’t eat cheese before bed because it gives you nightmares – right? Well, there isn’t actually any evidence to back up this old wive’s tale. So as far as cheese goes, you’re probably alright. But there are certain foods and certain drinks that you might want to avoid if you’re planning on getting a solid night’s sleep. Alcohol is one of them. Whilst a little tipple can help bring on a sleepy state, having too much to drink means that you are more likely to have restless sleep and wake up early needing to rehydrate, too. Anything too fatty (such as pizza) can irritate the stomach lining due to its acidity, and anything too sugary can wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels. This can affect your sleep-inducing hormones, leading to a restless night.

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Make sure your bedroom is comfy and cosy

There is a reason the places we sleep are known as ‘bedrooms’. Your’s needs to be somewhere you can truly relax and somewhere that you can easily drift off to sleep. First and foremost, you bed itself needs to be comfortable. Everyone has different needs when it comes to the kind of mattress they need, so you can read something like an igel mattress review before you make any purchases. You should also have the option to dim your lights in your bedroom, as softer lighting helps to prepare your body and mind for sleep.

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Give yourself the chance to wind down

Many of us struggle to sleep due to not being able to switch off. We all have a lot to think about, but a whirring mind is the last thing you need when you are trying to get your forty winks. Try and schedule your evening so that you have half an hour or so to relax once the kids are in bed. Avoid anything that involves the use of a screen; read a book, listen to relaxing music or meditate. Your sleep is precious, and when you are getting enough of it, you will find that your quality of life as a whole improves.