Six Uses That Prove The Raspberry Pi Can Be Just The Device You Need

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If you’re really into your tech, then you probably like your homebrew projects. Getting in there and experimenting with your devices. There are no better options for doing just that than the Raspberry Pi. The tiny device has captured the imagination and energy of hundreds of enthusiasts. From novices to experts, since its release it has grown a community of avid fans. Here, we’re going to look at a few different ways you can make it into just the device you need.


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Create your own arcade

When you’re talking about computers and tech, gaming is always going to be a dominant focus for some people. The Raspberry Pi might not be the Alienware powerhouse that other hardware choices can be. However, with kits from places like the Pi Hut, it can be the perfect machine to make a home arcade. Especially since it’s perfectly compatible with some of the best arcade emulators around.

Making an infotainment system for the car

As small as it is, the Pi can be taken just about anywhere. If you set it up with a power supply like a phone charger, it can even replicate some of the high-tech infotainment systems popular in modern cars. Get a Wifi dongle for it and you can even make it a Sat-Nav machine. A lot cheaper than getting all that automobile hardware fitted.

Replacing your cable subscriptions

Nowadays, we have loads of streaming services available and we can see the rise of Smart TVs. It’s clear we’re moving away from traditional viewing models. The Raspberry Pi can be a part of catching up with that transformation in your own living room. Platforms like Osmc are fully compatible with the machine. Instead of forking out for a new smart TV, you could just as easily plug in the Pi and stream to your heart’s content.

Taking your first step into the world of robotics

The PI is more than just a machine for running different software. It’s also used by many to try their hand at robotics. If you want to get kids into tech, then attach a doodling machine to the Pi and watch it draw for you. Or attach a robotic arm and install programs to get it to do all kinds of stuff.

Learning to code

When you’re looking at teaching kids about tech, you also want to look at the most practical applications of it. For a lot of people, this means learning to code. Educating about coding in Python was actually the original purpose the Pi was developed. Around the Pi, a series of events called Raspberry Jams have risen up. Unlike most tech events, kids and adults alike are welcome to learn or to show off what they’ve learned.

Protecting the home

The Raspberry Pi can even evolve to be a truly useful device that helps you keep your home safe. It can help you create a digitally sealed safe box, protect your data and even act as a home security system. Given how inexpensive Pis can be, they’re an economically sound home security option where there might not be any others.