Should we get a Gro-Clock?

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My wife and I are considering getting a Gro-Clock for Archie (Age 2yrs, 3months). He’s actually always been very good at going to bed and getting up in the mornings but this week he has finally managed to climb out of his cot. We had a feeling it wouldn’t be long but it’s a little earlier than I think we anticipated.

Archie generally goes up to bed no later than 7:30pm and he sleeps really well. My alarm goes off at 6am on weekdays and some mornings I can hear him laying there just chatting to himself quite content which is really lovely but now he has managed to start getting out of his cot himself (just the two occasions thus far) it may be a case that he soon gets up and starts wandering around which is a bit of a worry. So we are considering a Gro-Clock.

I’m sure some of you have these already so we’d be interested to hear your experience with them. For those of you that have never heard of the Gro-Clock it’s a ‘Sleep system’ whereby at bedtime it displays Stars and a nice Blue colour to teach your child that it is time for bed. You can then set the time to get up at which point the clock face changes to yellow and displays a nice smiley sunshine face.

So the idea being that if Archie wakes and still sees the blue stars then he will start to learn that it is still bedtime and to try and go back to sleep and when he wakes and sees the yellow Sun then it is time to get up.

It all sounds great in theory but does it work in reality? Archie never seems to listen to a word we say at the best of times so this could prove somewhat tricky but we’d love to hear from you guys if you happen to have these and whether they have been successful.


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