Quick Tips That Will Help You Explore London Like A Pro

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If you’re visiting London for the first time, you’ll probably be feeling eager to get there but anxious too. It’s a major city with hustle and bustle happening around every corner. Which if you aren’t used to large cities can be terrifying. But exploring London and making the most out of your trip doesn’t have to be so nerve wracking if you’re prepared for it. There are some things you can do to make sure you  get to see as much of this fantastic city as you possibly can. So read these quick tips and feel like a true Londoner in no time.



Order your Oyster card in advance

Oyster cards are an essential tool you’ll need if you want to travel around London like a pro. These cards are travel passes which you can use to make your way around the city via buses or the underground. So having this will you beforehand is ideal and saves you having to queue up for travel tickets everyday. You can buy your oyster card online and put as much money as you like onto it. This will then be sent to your home address so you can have it with you the moment you arrive. An added bonus is that these handy travel passes are often cheaper than normal travel fare, making them even more appealing.



Talk to the locals

Nobody knows this city better than those who live in it. So if you want to discover new and interesting places to visit during your trip, the local people are the ones to ask. Chat to the staff on market stalls and in cafes or strike up a conversation on the underground. Local people will probably not spend their time in places that are overrun with tourists. So they can introduce you to the places they go to, and they will be happy to give you some suggestions.  This will show you a different side to London which will make you trip more memorable.



Use Instagram

While you will probably use Instagram to share the pictures from your trip to London, it can also be used for something else. You will undoubtedly need to eat while you are here, but with so much choice it can be difficult to know where to go. This is where Instagram comes in. You can use hashtags such as #Londonfood or #Londondining to show you images what food options are on offer. These tags are used by food establishments such as Piacha tea bar and L’anima Cafe and can open your eyes to interesting places to dine in the city. It’s a fast way to find somewhere to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and gives you the opportunity to try something new.

Now you have these tips to help you; you can start looking forward to your trip rather than worrying about it. It’s an incredible city with so many things to see and do. So use what you have learned and make this trip to London the first of many.