Planning the Perfect Family Ski Holiday

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If you read my blog often, you will know that playing sports is something I love to do. Therefore, I always thought that taking the kids on a ski holiday would be so much fun. Imagine you and the kids zipping down the slopes and playing in the snow. If you are planning a ski holiday, in all the excitement leading up to it, there are a few things you might miss in your planning. Here is everything you need to consider when you take your family skiing.

Planning the Perfect Family Ski Holiday

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Choose the right resort

In Europe, North America and beyond you will find many fantastic ski resorts. Canada and America are often well-equipped for dealing with families. Therefore, if you have a bigger budget and a bit more time, travelling further afield could be a good idea. However, in Europe you will find many great places too. Look for quieter resorts for your ski holiday where the kids can learn to ski at their own pace. Courmayeur in Italy is a great option for families. Find out more about it at

When should you go?

As with all holidays, you can expect things to be a bit more expensive during the school holidays. If your children are below school age, try to avoid the holiday period. Depending on the season, March and April can be good bets as the weather is slightly warmer, but there is still snow on the slopes.

Stay in a resort with childcare

If you and your partner want to be able to enjoy a few nights out without the kids, be sure to find a resort or chalet that offers childcare. This way you can make sure your children are left in safe hands, whilst you enjoy your evenings.

Get insurance

With skiing there is always the risk that you or one of the kids might injure yourselves. Whatever you do, make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance which covers winter sports as well. It is often easy to assume that many travel insurers will immediately cover ski injuries, but often you need to pay for that as a separate component.

Take sunscreen

So many people assume that you don’t need to apply sunscreen because you’re in the snow. However, thanks to the sun reflecting off the white snow and into your face, you are much more likely to get burnt if you aren’t careful. Be sure to protect your kids with a sunscreen with a strong SPF rating.

Rent, don’t buy

Ski gear can be very expensive. If this is your first holiday, don’t rush out and buy the most expensive skiing equipment you can. Just rent it instead. Be sure to have booked your gear far in advance however. If you are travelling during peak season, you might find it hard to get all your equipment. Also, it is good to remember that in many resorts, children are required to wear a helmet, so don’t forget this one.

Don’t expect the kids to ski all day

Skiing is hard, physical work and with all the heavy equipment and clothes, your children will get tired quickly. They won’t want to stay on the slopes all day, so don’t plan your day thinking you can ski for too long. Instead plan half-day skiing sessions and think about other activities you can do during the afternoons.