Perfect Gifts For People Who Love A Little Luxury

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When it comes to buying a gift for someone, there are a lot of variables you have to consider. What is your budget? What is the occasion; if so, is there something symbolic you could go for? What is their style and their vibe?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at a handful of perfect gifts for people who love a little luxury! From personalized bathrobes to engraved watches, find inspiration by keeping reading!


A bath is certainly more luxurious than a shower, that’s for sure! So how about helping them to continue this special experience on, even once they’ve stepped out and toweled off? Some personalised waffle bathrobes for both them and their partner make a great gift if it a joint occasion, like a wedding! This is also the kind of gift that while luxurious, you can also get a lot of use out of it! They can use it after every wash, and even around the house when it is the colder, winter months.

Engraved Watch

Here is another gift idea that offers loads of usability. A watch is an accessory that you can get lots of use out of! It is also the one item of jewellery that you can wear every single day! If you go for a relatively neutral design, it will go with most of their outfits and suit most occasions. So, consider a metal finish, like gold, silver or a more unusual rose gold. Or, if you’re going for a soft strap, white, black or brown will go with all colours. Choose a leather strap so not only will they get to use it often, they’ll get several years use out of it! For a final finishing touch, get the back engraved with a special message or significant image.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

Trains, planes, buses and taxis are all well and good, but what could be much more luxurious than a hot air balloon ride. This is something that is on many people’s bucket lists, but not half as many people actually get to tick it off their list! You could organise it so both of you could go together. Or, give it as a gift to experience with their other half or their children! Give them a special hamper to take with them; pop some chocolate and some champagne for them to open once they set off!

Personalised Scent

There are thousands and thousands of perfume outs there. So many in fact, that it’s quite difficult to wear a unique one. That is, however, unless you have a personalised scent! There are now perfumeries in many major cities that allow you to craft a personal scent. So, if you know what their favorite low notes and high notes are, this could make one luxurious gift sure to impress! Or, send them on their own perfume making day! That way, they get to learn more and expand their knowledge of perfume and scents before they get started. Plus, they get some time with an expert, to help guide them in the quest for the scent that is just them!