Going to the Beach This Summer? Don’t Forget to Pack These Essentials

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With summer here, the holiday season is looming and it’s only a matter of time until we start heading out to those beaches that we love so much. But there always seems to be a couple of items we forget when we decide to head out, and that could turn an otherwise amazing beach trip […]

An Extended Stay Abroad: Could Your Family Do It?

Travel & Holiday

Taking your kids abroad gives you the opportunity for adventure, whether you go for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. But at the end of your holiday, you always have to return to return. It’s back home you go until you’re next able to get away. What if next time you could […]

Save Money By Being Smart With Your Smartphone


Hands up who’s dependent on their smartphone? It’s not something many of us would like to admit to, but the truth is, most of us feel that deep down, we couldn’t live without our little pocket-sized pal. Smartphones have changed the way in which many of us go about our day to day lives, and […]

Bring The Future Home Today!

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Do you ever see a piece of technology in a film or TV and think just how amazing it would be to get to experience it for yourself? Of course, you have! We’ve all had those moments where you see some amazing futuristic idea, and you just wish that it could be real. From hoverboards […]

Why Wales Should Be Your Next UK Holiday Destination

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Travelling around the UK can be a wonderful experience. There is so much to do and so many different and fascinating places to visit here on our home turf. In particular, the beautiful country of Wales is somewhere that you shouldn’t pass up the chance to visit if you get it. Read on to find […]

How To Have Hassle-Free Holidays (Like You Enjoyed Before Kids)

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When you get asked what the main differences are between life before becoming a parent and life afterward, the two that probably jump to mind are a) how easy it was to jump in the car and go shopping and b) how holidays used to be relaxing. The latter is the more annoying out of […]

Smooth Travel: Things To Do Before You Leave Home

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When you’re planning a holiday or trip abroad, you want to make sure your plans go off without a hitch. That often means making lots of preparations in advance. The information in this article should assist you in ensuring you leave no stone unturned. If you take the advice from this page and put it […]

Tips For Making A Move To A New Home When Money Is Tight

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You’ve been wanting to move house for a while, your family has outgrown your home, but now you are getting desperate. It’s no secret that moving house doesn’t come cheap, which is why when you’re short of funds often you try and put moving off for as long as possible. However, eventually, you will need […]

5 Credit Score Myths Busted Wide Open

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When it comes to credit scores, there are some things that can’t be denied. For instance, having a great credit rating can save us some serious money – we’re talking thousands – on the cost of credit. Having a bad credit rating, however, can completely stop us from borrowing money at all. Image source But […]

Gift Ideas For Budding Engineers

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When your kids are young, who knows what jobs they might do as an adult, or which career pathways they might take? However, it’s never too early to start equipping your kids with the right skills if they start to show an interest in a particular area. If your boys or girls have a love […]