Overdid January Workouts? Here’s How to Recover

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If you are  the kind of person who is either in or out, and would like to achieve the maximum results in the shortest possible time, chances are that you have overdone your workouts in order to lose more weight or tone up faster, and now you have to deal with the consequences. This, however, should not stop you from staying active for the rest of the year. Below you will find a few tips on how to overcome sports injuries or muscle strains and carry on with your workout plan.

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Switch Activities

In case you are feeling the strain in one area of your body, or have developed a lower back pain due to too much exercise, it might be time to opt for a more gentle way of moving about. In case you are suffering from back pain and would like to recover as soon as possible, you can try Tai Chi, yoga, or other light activities. Simple walks increasing in intensity and length will also help you overcome the challenging days.

Supplements and Vitamins

Injuries often happen because your body is not able to deal with whatever you are putting it through. You need to provide your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to build and maintain muscles. When you are involved in rigorous workouts, you should think about replacing the minerals you are using up or sweating out.


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It might also be a good idea to think about talking to a professional about how to approach the problem and make sure that there are no serious injuries that will get worse over time. Find a sports therapy treatment centre where you can get a professional assessment and diagnosis as well as effective interventions, so you can carry on with your workout routine without risking further injuries.


One of the best exercises for muscle strains and cramps is yoga. You can start with a slow sequence and build up your strength gradually. Learn to breathe into the problematic area and relax it as much as you can, so you can strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and protect your body from injury and muscle tears.


In case you are feeling so uncomfortable that you find it hard to sleep at night or sit up during the day you might want to visit a sports massage therapist. They can get rid of the extra tension in your body, smoothen the muscles and help your body deal with inflammation and pain better. After all, you want to feel as healthy and fit as possible, and working out while you are in pain is not fun at all.

There are certain injuries you can suffer when you start a new workout routine after living a less than active life, no matter how careful you are, Talk to a professional, support your body with vitamins and minerals, and switch your workout for a while to reduce the pressure on certain muscle areas.