Organizational Tips For Forgetful Men

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As a rule, men are more forgetful than women. It’s a down to your genetics, thankfully, rather than being a disease or condition that will get worse over time.

Unfortunately, despite the large numbers of the male of the species being forgetful, it just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to real life. You need to be organized for your job, for your partner, and for your kids. And, if you aren’t, there will be repercussions.

So, today, we’re going to look at a few tips you can put in place if you find yourself forgetting our name often. Let’s take a closer look – and put these ideas into action sooner, rather than later. Or…well, we all know what will happen.



Get Evernote

Evernote is a classy little app available on most smartphone and computer platforms. If you haven’t used it yet, it might well transform your life. You can pretty much organize your life with this little app, write down notes for yourself about ideas, tasks and jobs. You can even use it to file photos of your receipts for tax purposes. No more running around like a lunatic trying to find your lost receipts on January 31st every year.

Use your smartphone calendar

Get an appointment, put in your smartphone calendar. It’s as simple as that. Set up your alarm so that it gives you a buzz the night before, and the morning of the appointment. As long as you can get into the habit of putting the date and time straight in as you get them, you will never miss another interview again.

Buy non-iron shirts

Forgetful men always have a habit of waking up in the morning and realising they have nothing to wear that isn’t ironed. It’s not too bad when you get up early and have plenty of time. But, if you’re the type of guy that gets dressed at the last minute, it’s going to be a problem. Buy non-iron shirts instead. They are crease free, look stylish, and perfect for when you forget about important business meetings.

Shaving delivery

While we are on the subject of looking good in the morning, why not use a mens shaving kit service? There are several companies out there that will send you razors every week or month – however often you need them. It’s the perfect solution if you can’t afford to go with the rough, scruffy look at work.

Use a key holder

Get a keyholder nailed to your wall, and start using it. Every time you go home, ensure you make a beeline towards that holder and put your keys away. It will become as natural as breathing, and you’ll never waste a minute looking for your keys ever again.

Start using memory techniques

There are plenty of memory techniques you can use for improving your forgetfulness. It’s all about testing your brain in different ways so that you improve your performance in several areas. Try them out and see how you get on!