Organising A Trip For Your Guy Friends

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Maybe you’re planning your best friend’s upcoming wedding… or his recent divorce! Or perhaps you and the guys from work or the gym having been chatting about going away together for a while. Whatever the event or reason, us guys aren’t famed for our organisational capabilities. These tips will help you out.

Let everyone have a say…

But then allocate someone to make the final decision! Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many opinions might mean you never get anything booked! This goes for whether you’re booking a weekend away or a fortnight! If you keep going around and around in circles, you will have to watch prices rise and availability disappear. Letting everyone contribute their ideas is fine, but make sure you draw the line eventually. Let the guy the trip is for make the final decision, or if there isn’t one, do it yourself. They group will thank you for it in the end!

Think carefully about your accommodation…

A shared dorm room might be the cheapest accommodation on offer, but is it the best option? Sharing a room means you have to be together 24/7. The more people in the room, the more noise and disturbances. You don’t want to be crabby with each other the next day because you didn’t get a good night’s sleep!

Considering paying a bit more for separate rooms. This is one reason renting a big house or villa is a great idea for a group of mates. While you all get your own bedroom, you can share bathrooms and a kitchen. Just be sure that the owners know you are a group of guys before you arrive, and reassure them that nothing will get damaged. If they still aren’t keen, offer a bigger refundable deposit to put their minds at ease.

Do something cool

Sack of the golfing holiday ideas. Skip the all-inclusive hotel. Go for something usual and memorable. Challenge yourself to climb three mountains in a week! See the Northern lights and stay in the perspex Aurora Domes in Lapland. Have a full day of watersports activities, like windsurfing and boating!

If you’re organising the trip in honour of somebody in your group, take their hobbies and preferences into account. You might want to take them to do one of their favourite activities. However, if they do this thing often, mix it up and try something different. They might appreciate the change!

Organising A Trip For Your Guy Friends

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Arrange a kitty

This means a collection of money, not plans to take your pet cat with you. Before you leave, collect the same amount of money from everybody going on the trip. Consider everything you will do that will cost the same price for everyone. If you each buy a coffee, use the kitty. If you do an activity or share a taxi, use it then too. Don’t use it if you go out for a meal and everybody buys something that is a different price, though. Just use it for the occasions where everyone’s cost is the same. This means it is entirely fair and there won’t be any squabbles or resentment! If there is some left over at the end of the holiday, divide what is left up again.