Make Your London City Break Cheaper And Easier Than Ever

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As far as British city breaks go, London is always a top choice. The sprawling metropolis that is the capital is a mass of culture, great night-life and something new to do every day. So much to do that it can sometimes be overwhelming. How do you see the best sights? Where do you stay? How do you get about? This short list of tips is here to provide the answers for all those questions.

What to do in London



The best thing about the city is that there’s always something to do. The worst thing about planning a trip there is the exact same thing! Before going to London, think about some of the things you really want to see. When you get there, it won’t be too long before you’re spotting new events and interesting places all over the city. Make some time for your planned highlights then spend the rest exploring the fabulous culture of the city. This doesn’t have to be overly expensive, either.




There are plenty of hotels in London. The more down-market ones still tend to be pretty expensive, though. If you’re on a city break with company, you should take a look at the London Vacation Rentals. They often work out cheaper than a hotel and you have all the comforts of a home. There are loads of deals to choose between so figure out the one that’s right for you.

Plan how to travel



London’s a big place but if you plan ahead, getting from point A to B doesn’t have to be that hard at all. When you know what you want to do, take the time to plan your journey on the city’s extensive public transport networks. If you just want to explore, however, there are a lot of interesting alternatives available to taking a car or taxi. Make travelling the streets of the city part of the experience!

Take in the views



London is a city that has as much to see as there is to do. The London Eye is one of the more famous ways to get a great view of all the fantastic architecture and historical buildings. However, we recommend trying the Shard instead. As Western Europe’s tallest building, you’re not likely to get a better view anywhere else. It also comes with the benefit of being able to see the Eye itself.

Be clever with your money



The trouble with having so much to do in London is that it’s remarkably easy to spend all your money there. As well as setting up a budget, consider these tips for experiencing the city for less. From free museums to meal vouchers, check out this list for clever ways to save money when visiting the capital.

London is a fantastic place to visit for all the organised and spontaneous fun you can have. Just plan it well with the above steps in mind to make sure it’s as stress-free as it can be, too!