Make Your Job The Talking Point Of The Dinner Party

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If you love being unique and have always prided yourself on being individual and a little bit kooky, the chances are that you won’t want to succumb to the normal 9 – 5. You don’t ache to be working in an office or sitting behind a desk, filing reports or sending emails or organising meetings. You want to do something different. Take a look at these weird and wonderful careers that can take your job from humdrum to humdinger and make you the envy of all your friends.

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  1. Lipstick Namer

Whereas you may think that it’s a bunch of advertising or marketing hacks that name each and every item that’s churned out of the cosmetics industry, some companies employ specialists who’ll spend their working hours thinking of new names for the latest shade of hot pink or deep red. If you think you’d be pretty nifty at generating a few new names for the latest burgundy hue, this could be the career for you.

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  1. Drone Controller

With the emergence of drones to aid working in the mapping, planning or emergency services industries there is a genuine need for more drone operators. Once you’ve completed a course with a company like Uplift Drone Training, you’ll receive a qualification backed by the Civil Aviation Authority meaning that you’re certified and ready to take up your new career. You may be mastering the art of the coolest photo shoot ever for a music festival or hunting for the suspects of a serious crime from overhead. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. Professional Queuer

Whenever a new piece of amazing technology comes out whether it’s the latest iPhone or the most advanced games console, there’s a tiny percentage of the population that wants it before anybody else. However, these people may not want to camp outside the shop the night before. This is where the professional queuer comes in. You could find yourself spending the wee small hours outside the Apple store waiting for the doors to open and securing the latest bit of kit for a tech-savvy rich kid willing to pay for your sublime patience.

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  1. Waterslide Officer

For some of us, the best days out involve a water-based theme park. If you enjoy nothing more than launching yourself down a terrifying waterslide or experiencing the rapids of a wave machine, then becoming a professional waterslide officer could be right up your street. You’ll need to be able to swim and be able to assess the water slide against a set of criteria, usually thrill factor, splash factor, and overall enjoyment. This could be the career for you if you’re after a constant adrenaline rush.

Sixty-five percent of today’s students will forge their careers in jobs that haven’t even been created yet. This means that there may be even more weird and wonderful job roles just waiting to be thought up. Why not take the plunge and discover a wacky and exciting new career that will make you and your job the talking point of your next dinner party.