Looking Stylish On The Sofa

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Everyone has down time, and everyone likes to spend their down time in different ways. And yet, often in the modern day and age, it’s usually spent in a pair of sweatpants and a comfy shirt, in front of the TV or behind a desk whilst you lounge in a chair. It’s comfy right? But do you ever worry about the way you look? Even when you’re at home in your own space you can start to feel bad about yourself.

Seeing as it can start to feel quite stale when you’re wearing the same ‘slob’ clothes weekend in and weekend out, it’s time to give yourself both an esteem boost and a style change. So forget the style tips you thought you knew! Here’s a couple of ways you can still look sleek and stylish when you’re just lounging around, without any of the comfort sacrificed.


Wear Soft Materials

As long as you’re wearing something that feels soft on your skin, and has plenty of breathability about it, you’re going to both look and feel great. Seeing as many clothes designed for summer wear are made of cotton and other light materials (exactly the kind you need here…), you know you’re going to look good!

Shop at places such as SEEK Attire if you know your wardrobe is lacking on the summery wear front, and you’ve not got a pair of shorts in sight. Sure, lounging around in your boxers is liberating, but do you want the rest of the family to see you like that? Not to mention a vest and shorts combo can go a long way for showing off those toned arms and legs you’ve been working on for months now. Get comfortable in your own skin at home.

Get Some Good Jeans

Jeans can be both a hit and miss when it comes to relaxed wear. They can be skinny and tight, constricting a lot of you into a zipper or buttons. Or they can be loose and form fitting, allowing you to breath out properly in a pair of light wash. Finding a balance between the two can be hard, but there’s a good pair of jeans out there for you.

Wear the Right Footwear

And hopefully none at all if you’ve just stuck inside all day! However, sometimes it can feel nice to have a pair of light and roomy trainers on your feet, and even better, a pair of soft slippers you can just slip into when you need it most.

Those slippers aren’t just for your grandparents, and your toes are going to be super snug when they’re stuffed inside them. Not to mention the amount of variants there are out there: you can get full boot slippers, or sandal versions, as well as the standard slip ons.

Looking stylish when all you have is the sofa to impress is something you should never take lightly. After all, the comfy greying shirt you rely on is really collecting the snack stains!