J’Adore La France! Why Children Should Visit and See For Themselves

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Holidays are a vitally important part of life, no matter what you may be taking a break from. It’s so easy for everyday life to become one long pattern of wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat that before you know it, you’re feeling like a robot. Sometimes, you feel like you could go through the same routine in your sleep.

(Which, for a mum, might be just as well!)


Breaking that routine is why holidays are so important. They’re not just a chance to get away from your job or the house for a week or so. They’re a chance to see somewhere completely new, refresh your body and brain, and get a new perspective. And that’s why they’re as important for kids as for adults.

Seeing the same classrooms, the same corridors and the same playground every day can begin to feel like a treadmill. Breaking out of that is important for a child. And with one of the most fascinating, varied countries on the planet right on our doorstep, the opportunities are plentiful. While holidaying at home can be fun, there’s always something to be said for hopping the Channel.


Ooh-la-la! Why France Is Formidable!

Let’s get one thing out of the way first – family trips to France are great if your kids are learning French. Sitting in a classroom repeating the words they learn back to one another and the teacher are all well and good. But that doesn’t make it feel like a “real” language. Holidays and France school trips bring the language to life.

That shouldn’t be the only reason for going or the only thing for kids to get excited about, though. There is so much to enjoy about a trip to France and so many ways in which it can be educational.

Two Countries With A Shared History


The UK and France have had their differences, of course. But for much of the time both countries have been around, they have also had a lot in common. Depending on what age your kids are, trips to different parts of France can be beneficial for their education. Older kids who are learning history will gain a lot from seeing the stretches of beach in Normandy where the D-Day landings took place, for example.

A Passion For Fine Art?


Kids with artistic leanings will also benefit from a trip to France. Paris has been a home and a muse to many artists through the years, but as you get out further into the country, there’s even more to see. Taking a trip into the Loire Valley will give you the chance to see the Chateau Clos Luce, which is where Leonardo da Vinci spent much of his time.

Sporty Kids?


If your children enjoy P.E. more than any other subject, then they may enjoy a ski trip to the French Alps. Some of the world’s most prestigious ski slopes are here, but there are opportunities for beginners to get to grips with a new sport too. You can let them find their way with one of the many ski schools, and sit by with a hot chocolate. Or, if you’re feeling brave, join them out there and see how you get on!