Items To Ensure Are In The Car Boot Before Heading On A Beach-Bound Road Trip!

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Heading on a roadtrip? Planning on visiting a few beaches or seaside towns along the way? Then your packing will need to be slightly different to if you were planning a city trip, or something of that nature instead! So, once you’ve checked the car is safe and packed the boot, check again that you have all of the following items with you. They will all make for a safer and more enjoyable roadtrip.

Waterproof sunscreen

Sunscreen has slightly but significantly different properties to waterproof sunscreen. The normal stuff can’t withstand the effects of water and will wash off. If you and your family are in the water wearing only standard protection, you aren’t properly protected! So, be sure to pack a waterproof version. This has special properties to help it stick to the skin and keep protecting it. However, do be sure to reapply it once you do get out of the water. Also, be aware that rubbing yourself down with a towel can also remove it. Sunburn isn’t fun, and it isn’t pretty.

Makes your trip… safer!

A paper map

Sure, you have your smartphone and your tablet. Google Maps and your Satnav get you everywhere you want to go usually, right? Well, think again for your road trip. If your phone breaks or runs out of battery, you’ll be stuck. If your Satnav gets a bit confused and can’t locate an off-road part of your journey, you’ll be stuck. Pack that paper map and make sure it is in good condition. Also, be sure that it is an up-to-date version. Roads are changing all the times. A map from 2007 won’t serve you well in 2016!

Makes your trip… safer and more enjoyable! (Who wants to get lost on holiday?)


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Water Sports Equipment

Why go on your road trip just to look at the water? Get in it! Packing watersports equipment is usually going to save you a lot of money! Why? Because hiring it can be really expensive, and you don’t even get to keep it afterward. Plus you will be limited to using it in certain areas, or for a limited period of time. Yes, you may not fit a surfboard or five oxygen tanks in the boot! But you can fit, say, a couple of the best paddle boards money can buy! Or how about some basic snorkeling equipment?

Makes your trip… more enjoyable!


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Spare pair of everyday shoes

Something you will probably find a lot of during a beachside road trip? Water, of course! While that may have been your intention, it can sometimes end up reaching places we don’t want it too. Our feet, or more specifically our shoes, are a great example of this. Wet shoes quickly result in cold feet, and you won’t be happy if you have to put up with that horrible feeling for the rest of the day. Or trip! Be sure you pack at least one spare pair of everyday shoes. Oh… and try not to get those wet too!

Makes your trip… more enjoyable!