Is your Home a Smart Home?

Home & Garden Technology

In a world where technology is changing all of the time, have you made any changes to the tech or gadgets that you use in your home? Being able to switch off lights by requesting it, rather than having to physically do it, as well as things like switching on your heating on your way home, as well as being able to check on your house on your smartphone because of a camera, are all ways that you can make your everyday life just that little bit easier. But what are some of the best apps and devices to get for your home? Here is a quick breakdown of the best smart home devices and gadgets to use at home.


Nest Thermostat

Being able to control the temperature in your home is a great thing; yay for warm homes, right? But with a Nest control panel, you can use an app to then turn on your home’s heating when you’re out and about. If you’ve been out all day, for example, you can easily switch on the heating so that it will be nice an warm when you get home. The same goes for when you’ve forgotten to switch it off too; you can use the app to turn it off when you’re away on vacation, for example.

Eve Aqua

When spring and summer come around and you don’t have a sprinkler system installed, then being able to water the plants is pretty crucial. But even then, that can take up a lot of time and you may be away or unable to do so. That is where the Eve Aqua comes in. Compatible with Apple products, it allows you to set the time for when you want the tap to turn on to water the garden or the plants. The good thing about this is that it does control the water usage, and monitors how much it is using.

Philips Hue Starter Kit

When you have a smart device in the home that is connected to the lights in the home, then it can be a helpful tool. You can just request it to switch off the lights that you have forgotten about, or children can call out to switch lights on if they are unable to reach and do it themselves. The Hue starter kit has a set of coloured bulbs that you can choose to create the ambience that you want. So for example, if you want to wake in the winter and it feel like sunrise, it can be programmed to do just that, to hopefully help you to wake up more easily. And much like Sylvania Connected Solutions uses around cities, the smart bulbs are all LED bulbs, making them much more cost-effective than others, as well as using less energy making them better for the environment.

This list of three is only just the start as there are many more products that you can choose from, depending on your needs in the home. But are there any here that you have had or would like to give a try? It would be great to hear what you think.