Is Your Child Desperate For A Furry Friend? Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Pet

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Is your child desperate for a new furry best friend? Are your kids badgering you for a puppy or a kitten all the time? Pets are wonderful, but they’re also hard work! Here are some handy hints to help you choose the best pet and prepare for life with an extra family member.

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Which type of pet should I choose and where can I buy pets?

Your kids may already have firm ideas about what kind of animal they want to keep. Some may be desperate for a dog or cat. Others may prefer a rabbit or a guinea pig. You may have had requests for a new pony or a cute hamster. Before you buy any pet, do some research, and think about what kind of animal would suit your family best. Do you have space for a puppy or a horse? Do the kids have any specific allergies? Do you live in a rented property and have you checked that you’re allowed pets? In some cases, you may be allowed small animals, but not dogs or cats.

When you’ve come to a decision, you may be wondering about the best place to buy a new pet. If you have a specific breed of cat or dog in mind, it’s best to contact breeders directly. You can often find contact details and information about litters online. If you don’t want a pedigree pup or kitten, look for adverts online or ask friends and colleagues. Always make sure you check the papers if you are buying a pedigree animal. It’s also a good idea to go and visit the animals before you commit to buying. It’s always good if you can see the parents at the same time. You can often buy small animals at pet shops. It’s also a good idea to contact rescue centres.

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How much does keeping a pet cost?

The cost of keeping a pet varies depending on the type of animal. When you first get a new pet, you may need to think about buying it a house or bed, food, and toys. You’ll need to pay vet’s bills for immunisations and any treatment for illnesses they pick up over the years. It’s always worth investing in insurance for your pet. Get in touch with companies like Stoneways for quotes.

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What is the best way to introduce our new pet to the kids?

Owning a pet is an incredibly exciting prospect for little people. Before you get your pet, try and have a chat with your children and let them know that they need to be gentle and quiet. When you bring your pet home, let it have a sniff around and get its bearings before the kids come charging in and start smothering it with cuddles. Encourage bonding by letting your kids help out with feeding. Let them throw a ball for a puppy or set a mouse off for a kitten to chase. Get the kids used to helping out with animal-related chores. They can help you muck out a horse or brush the dog.

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Pets are a fantastic addition to the home, but owning a new pet is not always plain sailing. Hopefully, this guide will help you forge a long and loving relationship between your kids and their new furry friend.