Indonesia: Does It Cater For Everyone?

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It’s one of the perils of a family vacation, finding something that appeals to everyone equally. This is never easy to come by, but one of the first things that usually is a crowd pleaser is the weather. If you spend most of your time living in a wet, windy, and miserable country, you need some hot weather. One of the best places, as far as weather is concerned, is Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s largest island nation. And being so close to the equator, you are guaranteed the wonderfully warm weather. But apart from it being one of the most beautiful nations in the world, can it cater for the whole family? Let’s explore!

For The Sights: Bali

While there are so many beautiful parts of Indonesia, you can’t not mention Bali. As far as something for everybody is concerned, this certainly does appear to cater for every member of the family, as long as they are adventurous! Pemuteran, which is based on the north coast of Bali, as well as the east coast area of Amed, provide various snorkeling opportunities as well as diving. In Amed, the remnants of the USS Liberty is something you can view close up, and is a very rare opportunity to catch wreckage in calm and shallow waters, especially as it’s so close to the shoreline. But for those who would prefer to kick back and put their feet up, the various beaches around are more than calming to ensure that you’ve got the opportunity to relax in between adventurous excursions. Bali is a place that seems to have a healthy mix of spirituality as well as everything that encapsulates the modern world. You can go to Ubud and witness dance performances, as well as various other artistic endeavors, from textiles to sculpture, and paintings. But for those who are more about backpacking and exploring, you can go around various rice fields. There are two volcanoes to the north of the valley, Agung and Batur, which will ensure that you get your fair share of exercise as well as experience wondrous sights to behold.

For The Hustle & Bustle: Jakarta

The capital of Indonesia, which is home to more than 10 million people, is the perfect way to get accustomed to the speed of life in the built-up city areas of Indonesia. If you are used to a more sprawling way of life, this would be second nature to you. In Jakarta, there are, unsurprisingly, a million and one things to do, but you could also venture out to the city of Bandung. It’s one of the most popular shopping destinations in Indonesia, but it’s surprising how many tourists don’t venture in that direction. It’s very close to Jakarta, making it a very natural stopover during your visits around the capital. And if you’re looking at this hustle and bustle and want to spend more time here, there are websites like where you can rent or buy modest living spaces. Jakarta, unsurprisingly, has a very thriving nightlife, meaning that if you want to get away from the rest of the family and enjoy a night out, there is plenty for you to experience.

For The Traditional Experience: Lombok & The Gilis

If you’re looking for one of the most popular destinations in Lombok, the Gili islands cater for the vast majority of people. The three islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno, are without any powered vehicles. The only way you can get there is from Bali via boat. So if you’re looking for a spot practically untampered by the modern world, this is a place to go. If you decide to stay away from the Gili Islands and remain in Lombok, you can take advantage of various surf breaks, but this is as sophisticated as transport gets. On Lombok, the main form of public transport is a minivan, which can be difficult to navigate if you don’t speak the language. In this case, it can be best to stick to the tourist shuttles. Or you can try the horse carts, known as the cidomo.


For The Food: Java

Java has so much going for it, not least the Buddhist temple Borobudur (pictured above), a world heritage site that is one of the greatest monuments to religion in the world. You can check out more information on, but you haven’t experienced it until you’ve seen it close up. Many Buddhists come to this point from all across Asia to celebrate Waisak. But if you find the travelling through various rice paddies makes you hungry, then there are some fantastic dishes that are native to Java. Bakso, similar to a meatball noodle soup, which is a stable across the whole of the island. But there are also other great dishes, such as sop buntut, a sort of oxtail soup, and kambing gule, a goat and coconut curry. Sweetness is the flavor in Java, especially in the central regions. Gudeg is a curry made with jackfruit and coconut milk, and if you eat it without any sides, it’s a perfectly healthy vegetarian meal. But if you prefer something a bit fresher, you could go for karedok, which is a salad made from bean sprouts, long beans and cucumber, which is dressed in a spicy peanut sauce. If you’ve got kids who can handle the spice, Java needs to be on your list!

For The Shopping: Yogyakarta

And while you’re in Java, it’s definitely worth going to this extremely cultured university city. Besides the varied culture you can experience in every turn, from concerts, art exhibitions, or even shadow puppet shows, in addition to exploring Borobudur, you can go on a fantastic shopping excursion here! Yogyakarta is known for batik, which is where wax is made by getting a piece of fabric and dripping wax onto it. After this is done, you can apply various dyes to make pretty patterns. To get this unique product, you can either go on a factory tour to discover how this technique was pioneered, that’s you can purchase that take all over Yogyakarta. Or if you fancy trying to make it yourself to save you a few rupiahs, this could be a lovely family activity. You could take a batik making class, and make your own souvenirs.

For The Real Family Time: Komodo

If you wanted to get as close to the famous Komodo dragons as possible, you could venture to the Komodo islands, but it’s also a great way to spend some proper family time together, marveling at the ferociousness of these dragons! Consider it the equivalent of going to the zoo, in Indonesia! And no family trip would be complete without a visit to the zoo, but with these creatures, the danger is well and truly in your face!


As far as a family vacation is concerned, Indonesia doesn’t just have the weather, but it’s got so many varied activities going for it. This is merely scratching the surface, but, if you are considering a proper family vacation this year, Indonesia is one of the best places to go. From the delicious food to the amazing views and the choice of modern cultures will cater for everyone, not just the family member keen to get some exercise and climb mountains, but also the moody teenager who doesn’t want to do anything and longs for their home comforts. From the nature to the water, the nightlife to the wildlife, Indonesia is a major force to be reckoned with.