Incredible Events You Can Attend While In Britain Next Year

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I’ve come to a rather shocking conclusion lately. I don’t take enough advantage of living in the UK. Honestly, there are so many events each year that I have just never even considered attending. But, I’ve decided to make a change. Starting next year, I’m going to attend a few of Britain’s most celebrated events and occasions. If you’re stopping by our little collection of Islands next year, why not do the same. I’ve been doing some research and there are some incredible annual attractions.

Let There Be Light


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We’ll start off in Blackpool, a town that is dedicated to fun and amusement on the North-East coast of England. Every year, around September the Blackpool illuminations are turned on. This is a golden mile along the promenade of light displays designed by artists and tech experts. They are often truly dazzling and the best part is that when they’re turned on there’s a massive party. A celebrity is picked to switch on the lights – this year it was director Tim Burton. That was quite a shock. Who knows who they’ll get for next year? Then there is a night of music and fun with some incredible guests on stage. After that, you’re free to enjoy the whole mile of lights by walking down the promenade. It sounds like an awesome event for the whole family and I certainly plan on fitting it into my rather busy schedule.

A Sporting Event Fit For The Queen

Or, perhaps you’re looking to attend an event that is more elegant and classy. If you are interested in sports and in particular horse racing, you could book tickets for the Royal Ascot 2016. Although the event itself is incredible with five million pounds in prize money up for grabs just attending is quite an experience. There is a strict dress code for guests so you will see the latest style and glamour. Many models and celebrities also attend so that should certainly be a selling point for the wife. Not only that, it’s probably the only sporting event that you will definitely enjoy in the presence of royalty. If the name didn’t give it away, the Queen herself attends sitting above you in the royal box. I shall certainly have to see a tailor before I book my tickets for this one!

Cars, Cars, Cars

Did I mention…cars? Can you tell I’m a big fan of Formula 1? I have to admit attending the British Grand Prix has always been on my wish list. I’m forever hopeful that one-day tickets will appear as a Father’s Day gift but no such luck yet. That said, I’m planning to attend next year somehow. I just read online kids under ten go free, so that’s a definite selling point isn’t it. As well as that it would truly be incredible to be present when next year’s winner crosses the finish line. After that there is an amazing after party that everyone is invited to attend. I’ve made up my mind, I’m going!

You see, Britain is filled with exciting possibilities. If you go at the end of the year, you must attend the London Fireworks display. It’s completely free and seeing it up close is a once in a lifetime experience. Mainly because after you suffer through the queues to get home you’ll never want to go again. Best to book a local hotel for that one. Whatever you do, I hope you have fun in Britain next year.