If You’re A Contractor, You Better Have These Tools On Your Belt

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Working for yourself means taking on a lot of responsibility. No-one’s there to catch you when you miss something essential. Instead, you need to rely on having the knowledge and the experience yourself. But you’re also going to need to have the right tools for the job. Whether you work in plumbing or behind your computer desk, these are the tools essential for finding success.

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A smartphone

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in or how well you’re doing. If you’re not managing your time well, you’re not getting the best results you could. Your smartphone and the apps you get on it can make sure you’re always on time and always productive. For instance, you can get scheduling apps that remind you of appointments coming up, giving you the time to make sure you get there in time. Workload management apps should be used to list and tackle the objectives you essentially need to get done every morning. Otherwise, it’s far too easy to get caught off on a tangent like checking your emails and find yourself wondering where all that time has gone.

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The right attire

If you’re meeting clients in casual clothing without a thought for what you’re wearing, you’re absolutely doing it wrong. The appearance of professionalism will obviously vary depending on the kind of industry that you’re working in. For instance, if you work in software, marketing, or any other kind of business 2 business industry, then you need to look sharp. Not necessarily formal, but presentable and keen. Similarly, professional appearance matters for a tradesperson, as well. You might want more comfortable clothing, but make it’s durable enough for work. Then there’s gear like Dickies boots, which ensure that you’re doing your job as safely as you can, as well. If you look out of place for your industry, then your clients will start to believe that you are.

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The business card

No-one who runs their own business should be without a collection of business cards that they’re able to hand out. First, they’re obviously effective and giving your contact details without any hassle or any demand on your customers and contacts. But a business card is a lot more than that. A good business card is a part of your branding. If someone hasn’t seen your website, then it’s that first flash of visual branding that can convince them of your professionalism and your status as a member of the industry. There are a lot of ways to get rather inventive with a business card, but make sure that it’s functional first of all. Make sure it has all the information they need, perhaps using QR codes to make it even easier for them to get in touch with you.

We hope the tips above help you spot the equipment that’s going to make sure you’re never out of place, never underrepresented, and never out of time. Of course, the tools are only as good as the one using them. Getting organized, safe, and branded are only supports for the business. You have to make sure you can walk the walk as well as you talk the talk.