“I Don’t Like Golf”: How Do You Know Until You’ve Tried It?

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One of the funniest ever skits about the sport of golf was done by the late great Robin Williams. He described it as whacking a ball and then sitting in a kart to go find it and do it again. Attributing the frustration of hitting a small ball with a long thin piece of metal, he said it was like swinging a tire iron and missing every time until you felt like you were going to have a heart attack. That’s comical but for some people, that’s what it actually looks like. On television, it’s a quiet and slow sport, with large distances covered on foot. The commentator sounds like he or she is trying to find something to keep it interesting and the camera looks as if he might be asleep. But that’s people watching, not playing. There’s a reason why golf is so popular and actually revered highly and even in comparison to tennis as an upper-middle-class sport. How do you know that you don’t like golf until you’ve tried it, or anything for that matter? Golf is one of the few sports that allows you to be entirely unique in your dress sense, equipment, tactics, and self-progression.

Image by Larry D. Moore

Quiet pleasantly interrupted

Why do you think middle-aged men and especially married men with children, are stereotypically fond of golf? The answer is simple, it allows them some peace and quiet to themselves. However, interrupting this quiet is a physical feat of skill and prowess. Sure, you take long walks on an open well-groomed golf course that’s green as far as the eye can see. But without clubs, balls and holes, it would just be a walk in the park; literally. You’re out there, on your own when no one is looking, just trying to work on your shots, breathing, stance, posture, swing and reading the undulations of the land to help improve your game.

Source Brisbane City Council

Unique customised equipment

Very few sports out there that allow for such customisation of one’s sporting gear, but golf is certainly one of them. As long as you’re not getting an unfair unrealistic advantage, no one really bothers you. Rather than buying clubs that are off the shelf and ready for the mass market, you can get your own suited to your frame. Ping color dot chart shows you how to choose what kind of clubs you should be getting for your height and the length from your wrist to the floor. It’s an easy system to learn because it’s colour coded. If you are lying between two colours then simply work out what kind of swing you have by what shot your produce. If you want to reduce your slice or fade, then you will get the clubs from the upright colour as opposed to hooks and draws.

Until you’ve been out on the green, on a clear blue sky day and felt perfectly at home with your clubs, you can’t say you don’t like golf. You can say that you don’t like to watch golf but once you experience the challenge of self-improvement and take your time to be alone with your thoughts, you’ll find a new love in your life.