How You Can Help Your Child When They Can’t Get to Sleep

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When your child can’t sleep at night, it can be incredibly frustrating. There seems no way out of the deadlock. But here are some ideas that could help you solve the problem.

Use a Night Light

Many young children who are not managing to get to sleep at night are scared of the dark. To help them feel more at ease, you could use a baby night light. This will give them some reassurance and take away that fear. If that helps them get to sleep more easily, then it’s a small investment that’s definitely worth making. Children of all ages can be scared of the dark, so don’t rule this out, even if they don’t tell you about it.

Establish a Routine

Every child needs to have a consistent bedtime routine if he or she is going to get to sleep at the same time each night. This routine should consist of a calm period of time before they go to bed. You should never go from doing high energy activities to putting them to bed. There needs to be space in between so that they can relax. Make sure the routine is the same every night. That way, they’ll get used to it, and they’ll be more willing to go to bed once they know the rules.

Be Persistent

When you’re trying to get your child to sleep, you will probably find they offer plenty of resistance. They will do everything they can to get their way. So, they will probably shout you and scream and get out of bed during the night. When they do this, make sure you are persistent and don’t give in to their attempts to stay up later. You have to be firm but fair if you want them to take what you’re saying seriously. It might be difficult, but it’s the only way to reach the right outcomes.

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

It might be the case that the reason that your child isn’t sleeping is pretty simple and straightforward. If that’s the case, the solution might be simple and straightforward too. Making sure they’re comfortable when they go to bed is one of those simple things that often help a child get to sleep. And if they’re not comfortable, they will simply not get to sleep. Something as simple as this might be the root cause of all your troubles when it comes to your son or daughter’s sleeping problems.

Use a Reward System

Rewarding your children for going to bed and sleeping through the night usually works pretty well. It gives them an incentive to try to sleep and not keep getting up and shouting you. Many childhood sleeping problems are more to do with the fact that the child doesn’t really want to sleep rather than anything else. So, it makes sense to give them a reason to want to go to sleep at night; that’s what a reward does for them. It doesn’t have to be a huge reward, even something small could do the trick.

How You Can Help Your Child When They Can't Get to Sleep

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