How To Raise A Musical Child

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All parents want their kids to do something amazing when they grow up. Some encourage them to play sports in the hope they will become the next David Beckham. Others choose to send them off to advanced computer classes in the hope they will follow in Bill Gates’ footsteps. However, today, we’re going to show you how to raise a musical child. Maybe you want your little man or lady to grow into the next Ozzy Osbourne or Britney Spears? The simple suggestions on this page should help you to make that happen.

How To Raise A Musical Child


Keep instruments in the house

You want them to encounter and explore music at their pace. So, keeping instruments in the house is always a wise move. It’s important you ensure the instruments are tuned and in good condition. That way, your child might even knock out a tune from time to time. Guitar strings are cheap, and you won’t struggle to find a decent piano tuner. Having those instruments to hand will make your child more used to being around music. Just make sure you cover them over at bedtime. Otherwise, you might have a stock when you hear chopsticks in the middle of the night.

Talk to your child about music

As you’re a parent who wants to raise a musical child, you’re probably interested in the subject yourself. That means you must have been to many memorable gigs over the years, right? Well, make sure you tell your little ones about those fun times and try to make them feel excited. Tell them there is nothing like standing in front of Iron Maiden as their ten-strong band damages speakers one the stage. Making music seem a little more magical is the best way to get it into their heart.

Always play music at home

Most people don’t even have stereo systems these days thanks to advancements like YouTube. You just need some decent speakers, and you can listen to almost anything ever recorded. Even so, purchase a record player and get your vinyl out of the attic. Children need a decent musical education if they’re going to turn into the next international stars. That means there is nothing wrong with making them sit through the full nine-minute version of Bat Out Of Hell.

Find a reputable teacher

Those who want their kids to play music to a professional standard will need to find a good teacher. It’s difficult to handle that process yourself because your child is too relaxed. You need to put your little one in a situation where they feel like they are at school. That will encourage them to pay more attention and remember the things they are taught. Music lessons can be expensive, and so it makes sense to choose the instrument carefully. Again, guitar and piano are some of the easiest. That is because you can learn basic chords and play songs that you know. The same isn’t always true when learning to play the violin.

So, there you have it. Raising a musical child is not as complicated as you might have thought. Of course, some young people have more natural talent for that sort of thing than others. So, it’s often the luck of the draw when it comes to creating the next Eddie Van Halen. Regardless of that, anyone can learn to play instruments to a reasonable standard. They just might not end up in the rock and roll hall of fame.