How to Organize Your Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget?

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There is always peer pressure existing among kids to throw the most amazing party on their birthday. An event where other kids will come to have lots of fun and make great memories of the day.

You want your kids to have a memorable birthday celebration, you want them to feel the joy of attaining a new age, but as parents, the busyness of life can often overwhelm you.

Thinking of planning a fun birthday party for your child during the rush-means of life might be a complicated process. Planning your child’s birthday can be demanding–the decorations, the cake, guests to be invited, and many other things. It could cost a lot too.

Asking for help from friends and family might have been helping until when it stops. Sometimes you might try to keep the budget for the birthday on a low, but somehow that choice gets away from you.

Actually it is not your fault. Everyone wants to become an ideal parent for their child. Therefore, parents convince themselves with the fact that these parties occur only once in a year. When the birthday candles blow out, and the happy guests go back to their homes, then the reality sets in. You begin to think about the car payment, the mortgage bills, and other expenses; and then the stress sets in.

It can be very dangerous to fall victim to financial pits from throwing a party. So here we are listing top 5 ways to plan your child’s birthday party on a budget.

Keep it simple:

Make use of some creative ideas; there is no need for spending hundreds of dollars hosting an elaborate birthday. Think back to the time of your childhood and you would realize as a kid your attention was so focused on blowing out the candle on the cake. A kid never notices if it is just a sponge or a fancy, butter, table size cake.

Most likely, you will realize that you remember the feeling of the joy of having funs and playing games with your friends, rather than the cake’s size or taste.

The venue:

You can cut the cost of hired venues by making use of your home as a venue. If you are not convenient about having your home filled with overly excited faces, you can use a local church or a village hall. They often have reasonable prices to hire, and you pay a little amount per hour.

Party games Ideas:

Rather than having to pay a hired entertainer, there are several traditional party games you can occupy the children with, like pass the parcel, statues, musical chair, and several other games.

Keep the guest list down:

Don’t get into peer pressure and plan on something that you can’t afford. Try to keep the guest list down; it is a straightforward way to keep the party cost low. Consult with your child on the number of friends they plan to invite and try to keep them to a minimum. Often smaller parties are more fun.

Think home-made

For a birthday party of this kind, food always covers most of the expenses. Homemade treats are the best choice for birthdays, they are moist and have endless options of flavours, and making use of homemade treats would save you a lot of money from buying lots of ready-made treats,

It is unnecessary to go overboard with the food. Another tip to save money on food is to get cardboard meal boxes and fill them with the party food, one for each child. With this method, nothing would go to waste because you just buy and make the food that is needed.

What are your plans for keeping your child’s birthday party on a budget? Let us know in the comments below.

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