How to Make Your Flat Feel Like Home

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Some people worry that living in a flat won’t be as good as living in a house. Maybe they’ve had to move for financial reasons, issues with too much space, or this is their first property on their own. Whatever your reasons for moving into a flat, you can make it feel like home. Here are some tips that will help you:

Unpack as Quickly as Possible

It can be tempting to give unpacking a miss, leave your boxes lying around for what seems like an age and start watching the next bit Netflix series. However, this isn’t a very good idea. The longer you leave it the harder it will be for you to do. The quicker you unpack, the quicker you can make your flat start to feel like home. Get it over with now and you’ll be glad you did later.


If you don’t like the colour scheme, paint your flat. Whether you own or rent, it should be OK to do – just make sure when you’re renting. Painting isn’t a major change so it shouldn’t be an issue with your landlord. Go for the colours you love, whether that’s bold and bright or nice and neutral.

Add Your Favourite Artwork

Artwork always has a positive effect on the brain – it’s been proven by science! So choose some of your favourite pieces and display them anywhere you like. This will give personality to your flat and tell your guests something about you when they come in. Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune on the artwork, you can simply frame something out of a book. If you have talents yourself, you could even create something. There are lots of options.

How to Make Your Flat Feel Like Home


Make it Warm and Cosy

It’s impossible to be in a warm and cosy environment and it not feel like home. You can make your flat warm and cosy by making sure you include lots of different textures. Have throws and cushions everywhere!

Include Entertainment

You need entertainment in your flat, whatever your preferences. You could have a bookshelf filled with your favourite reads, or a huge TV. Just make sure your flat has no issues with communal dish installation so you don’t run into problems.

Add Candles and Incense

When a flat smells nice, it instantly feels more homely. Light some nice smelling candles or incense and bask in the ambiance of your new home. Just don’t leave them unattended or you might be moving sooner than you think.

Invite Your Friends Over

If you really want your flat to feel like home, invite your friends over for a small housewarming gathering. Making memories in your new place will definitely make it feel like home and you can look back and smile!

Use these tips to make your flat feel more like home and you’ll soon feel like you’ve lived there forever. Which tips are your favourite? Leave your own tips below to help our readers further. Come back for more great posts soon!